Sunday, September 25, 2016


If your not from the big apple its pace definitely takes its toll on you, especially during fashion week. From whizzing around the city trying to get to all the events (that you probably shouldn't have double booked), to trying to navigate the subway while dealing with the stifling heat. Not to mention trying to hail a cab because Uber loves to surge it  all becomes a bit much.

The second leg of the trip was a lot less hectic, Sunday unfortunately was kinda all over the place. We didn't make it to the Refinery 29 rooms exhibit in Brooklyn as planned, in retrospect I wish we had planned to go earlier, neither did we make it to brunch. However we did go to the J Loren presentation by the High Line and after that It was time to say Good bye to Val.

On my last day at NYFW I was flying solo I started the day at the Onyii Show. IN my opinion the entire collection screamed garden party!! perhaps in Lagos? The palette of blues, greens , pinks, oranges and white felt fresh and perfect for spring. I was especially drawn to the pink and white combo, unfortunately the photo isnt doing the look justice; because it was in keeping with the overall Onyii aesthetic but much more subtle with only the belt in print. Additionally the makeup complimented the theme well, the models sported dewey, glowy skin with pops of coral on the lips. Finally go check out and shop her fall collection Here, totaling drooling over these Widelegs.

After the show I did a little shopping to kill time around 34th street. Perused the HM studio collection ( luved This ) may or may not have splurged a little. Then I headed to Grand street for the DIA X FTF event. Those following on Snapchat saw that it was a collaboration between DIA & Co a personal styling service for plus women which sends you a curated box of pieces and Fashion to Figure . It was a great event I got to put real faces to a lot of my Instagram feed. 

After that I headed back to Chelsea and Milk studios for the LIKETOKNOWIT X MilkMakeup event and just like the other event I got to put faces to the other half of my Instagram feed. The event was "LIT" as they say and sadly my last hurrah!

Overall it was a great experience their are a few things I would do differently next year and a few things that I didn't love. I'd be happy to share my insights with you guys, let me know if interested in the comments.
So it's. Officially fall and I was thinking of doing a Fall Trends round up and shopping guide.  Sorta eluded to it in this Post.

One of you suggested I do a Fall handbag round up would you like that? 
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Monday, September 19, 2016

Tropical Print Top & Green Midi Skirt + A Gwynnie Bee Review

As soon as I saw the print on this top I knew I had to add it to my "closet/wardrobe/hanger"? ( the official term Gwynnie Bee uses seems to have slipped my mind). The top got extra points for me because it was off the shoulder and the colorful print had a black background. The print and top were part of an exclusively designed collection by Rachel Antonoff for Gwynnie Bee.

As I said one of the things about this top that endeared me to it was it's black background; even though tropical prints are typically reserved for the summer the black background makes it easy to transition into the fall. With that in mind I paired the top with an army Green midi skirt (under $12 Here) and kept all other accessories simple (Sandals & Clutch) in order to keep the top the focal point of the look. 


Another great thing about the top is that its so versatile ( FYI its not cropped ). You can pair it with  leather trousers and cute pumps or dress it down with jeans, flats ( like these), a fedora, and the best part of it all is when your done you can send it right back to Gwynnie Bee

Basically GB is a subscription service that allows you to borrow/rent plus size clothing. The service exponentially expands your wardrobe without the cons.

Depending on what level you decide upon (e.g three garment at a time) you get to swap clothing out as often as you want without dealing with laundry or hording issues. In the event you love a piece you have the option to buy the piece. It's great for those who are on a fixed budget but want to look stylish or those with limited closet space.

Here is what I loved about the service each order comes with a pre-labeled envelope/s to send clothing back. Their is a size selector tool that helps you choose clothing based on your size in brands your familiar with (eg. Asos). You can indicate online that you will be returning things so the swap is super fast and you can prioritize your picks ( for example if you want to get a certain item first ).

Here's what I didn't feel great about, you had to choose a certain number of items before you could begin receiving your picks, I believe I had to choose nine. There weren't as many options of what I was looking for like Outerwear.

Gwynnie Bee did however have a mammoth selection of work friendly pieces especially dresses. Overall I liked the service. It's perfect especially if your on a budget, you get to bring in new items into your closet frequently without the clutter and debt that is typically associated with over shopping.
You'll save time cause your not at the mall as much and you'll probably have less I have nothing to wear moments and you can say goodbye to buyers remorse.

 Finally another great perk is if you have a special occasion, you won't have to break the bank for a dress you might wear once or twice. You can just get it and return it back to Gwynnie Bee. Interested? Go check out the service Here and get a SURPRISE.

How To: Great Gifts For Less

Today I am working with Groupon to share how you can stretch your dollars, and save money on health, beauty and wellness services.  Those who know me know I am allergic to full price to a fault some times; and as much as I love a good pamper session I am definitely on a budget and thats where Groupon comes in. Its a go to when searching for services, and there are a plethora of deals on health, beauty and wellness services

One of the first things I did after coming back from NYFW ( see Recap one Here) was to go get a mini pamper session. If you are following me on Snapchat you saw the state of my nails before the mini mani I got during NYFW; so when I got back I had to get a pedi and mini massage to match. 

I've found some great deals on Groupon  from car detailing, to summer activities and I just found a great deal on a wash, deep conditioning and twist out. Which is exactly what I was looking for cause when your natural, wash day is almost an entire day and that struggle is really real especially when you have some length.

Groupon is also great for gifting its the perfect place to stretch your gifting dollars.You can find a great deal on a massage package or  a mani and pedi to gift  to a new mom or an overworked Blogger friend (hint Hint). The best part of Groupon is that its open to all, no memberships and or subscription required. Go find great health, beauty and wellness deals on Groupon Here.

Where do you find great affordable gifts?

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine