Sunday, August 21, 2016

An Open Letter + An Outfit : Off Shoulder Top & Lace Midi Skirt

Boater Hats and Neck Scarfs definitely caught my eye this summer but as we know fall is literally here and Ive started to gravitate towards monochrome. So when I saw this Hat at Target for only $14 and it fit my large head. I knew it would easily transition with me in to fall. If your following me on Snapchat you'll know I live in headscarves , hats & Sunnies. I just have little tolerance for hair when its humid outside, so I knew this hat would get some wear. 

Tip: Love neutrals keep them from being basic by pairing them with a splash of color and or print

This outfit was definitely inspired by Blaire from Atlantic Pacific she is a Veteran in the blogger game and if your style is on the girly side then she is a must follow.As far as the rest of this look, I picked up the Skirt from Charlotte Russe plus (see what else I picked up Here) the "Top" is actually a romper from Asos, shoes are my trusty Aldo Leo Pumps which I will be retiring soon because I got These for only $24. 
If you want to know more about what Ive purchased or have eye on go Here. Finally my Clutch is from Zara from a few seasons ago. As I said earlier I tend to be gravitate towards neutral so a rule I live by is to always add color & print to my looks.


Ive been reflecting alot lately as some of you may know I turned the big three O this year. Specifically Ive been thinking about this blog/business where I am going with it. I love that this platform (digital Space) allows me to share what I love & to be a resource but the truth is that it takes alot of work. While doing all of this I still have to juggle my commitments to my employer, husband, child, self and "this" has taken its pound of flesh from all these areas of my life especially my sleep.  

So Ive been reflecting on things like, growth , sustainability, building a team etc. I know at some point I will have to make some big decisions. Sorry for how cryptic this is I am just sharing whats in my head right now. 


To my fellow momreprenuers if you have any tips tricks on how to balance, build a team etc definitely leave it in the comments. Also I am looking to collab with other creatives in the Baltimore area,email me Here. In other news I have something super exciting to share but I am waiting for the Ok. So stay tuned for that!!!!

Friday, August 19, 2016

The CurvesRockWeekend Experience

 I had the pleasure of attending the annual Curves Rock Weekend in Baltimore for the second time, and I actually vlogged the entire weekend so Subscribe on YouTube for that . The entire weekend was made even more eventful because I had the Mazda3 with me (see review Here).

Curves & Cufflinks Mixer prize presentation

For those who are unaware Curves Rock Weekend is an event that focuses on empowering women and promoting healthy lifestyles by taking a holistic approach from the inside-out. They understand that women feel better when they feel good about themselves internally so their mission is to empower and build healthy women both mentally and physically.
The Curvy Women Who Rock Brunch panel

 I started of the weekend on Friday by attending the Curves and Cufflinks mixer hosted by Ashley Stewart. It was a networking event with industry leaders, models, designers, and bloggers. On Saturday I attended the The Curvy Women Who Rock Brunch a celebration of curvy women in the community and after the brunch I perused the The Curves Rock Expo. 


Finally I attended the main event on Saturday night The Curves Rock Fashion Show  featuring designer Carl Troger of Alek Risminic Couture. Overall the fashion show was splendid; especially the collection by True Diva Designs. I was also pleasantly surprised by Ashley Stewart's upcoming offerings. I also got a chance to meet Denise Caldwell TV personality & stylist to the stars as well as to reconnect with Kim from naturallyfashionable. 

Denise Caldwell Curvy Women Who Rock Award Recipient 

Models &Ashley Stewart Team

If your following me on Snapchat (Supplechic) you would have seen how hilarious the host Lonnie B. was. I love attending fashion events like this especially when they are local, and give back to the community. I just want to thank the CRWK team for having me again this year!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Five Things You Will Love Too Vol.3

When I first started this blog I did a few 5 Things posts, I always loved the idea, (got it from a fellow Blogger) because in a way its like a diary. The antidote for those moments when you look back at an old photo and wonder what you were thinking. This will be the third installment (see second  Here) of hopefully three more in 2016.

A Car I Am Luvin
I wanted to start of this Five Things post by sharing an honorary favorite the Maxda3. If your following on Snapchat (supplechic) you know I got the opportunity to have the Vehicle, and that I vlogged it. It was a great experience.

Before I get into my favorite aspects of the car I thought I would share a few specs. It was a 2016 Mazda 3 S 5-door Grand Touring in SOUL red with the interior Almond. I had the car for about a week and the first feature that stood out to me besides how smooth the drive was, was the lane change assist.
If your someone like myself who always thinks they are drifting one way then you will truly appreciate the feature. The feature it self is quite intuitive because once another car/object is in proximity while the car is in motion the side mirror lights up and the car beeps.

Another great feature was the above dash speedometer; which really comes in handy, with the increased prevalence of speed cameras in the DMV. This feature really helps you be certain your not over the limit aka ticket free. Typically I am not someone who cares about bells and whistles when it come to cars, I just need them to move, so I really appreciated these two practical features.

However if you do love options, the car also comes equipped with a touch screen in dash navigation, Bluetooth, USB ports, steering volume & voice controls. It also has a nice sized trunk (hence the 5th door) for all you adventure seekers and a Sport Mode. Finally it dosnt hurt that the Mazda3 S runs on 31 MPG  ( aka really great on Gas) and received a 5 star safety rating from the NHTSA.

My Favorite Outfit
My favorite outfit hmmm....... I think the one outfit that stands out would have to be This Stripe look from Rochelle. Loved the playfulness in the photo, as well as how she mixed prints and finally the use of the Boater Hat ( have it too) as the "Third piece". Overall its a cute outfit that can be worn to diffrent summer events from brunch, to church etc..

Makeup/ Lifestyle Product
While on the hunt for the LA girl peach Corrector/ Concealer as I said Here I ran across the Nicka K liquid lipsticks and thought I would try them especially for $2. I had been wanting to try the liquid to matte lipsticks for a while but didnt want to order them. Because makeup is still one of the few things I prefer to buy in person. My favorite color is Mullberry it comes off nude on me & its just perfect.

Favorite Tv Show
So if your not watching Queen of the South I really dont know what to say. Its such a great show, it just melds everything I am loving right now.  Its fresh, has strong female characters, a good dose of suspense and gives of a Scarface meets Power vibe. There is just something about the two female leads that pulls you in and I am here for it.

Worthy Mentions
Finally I've been posting a lot more content on my YouTube Channel. I've got a Summer sales Haul ft 1World Sarongs up now, plus an affordable beauty Haul, a giveaway and back to school content coming up. Lastly if your thinking of a new car definitely go check out the Mazda3 , the ride just might surprise you #zoomzoomzoom.

Psst...... what are you excited about right now ( books, blogs, make up, trends e.t.c)? Share with us in the comments below!!