Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Fool Proof Fourth of July Outfit : Red Culottes & DIY Bandeau

I just love putting looks together hence this blog, in a way it is/was an act of defiance.  To me it said yes I am fat, but I can still bring it and look good doing it. Hmm... where was I going with today's post again, yes this is intended to be a fourth of July Outfit inspiration post (see Last Years). Why not commemorate the day, our heroes and the independence we all take for granted by wearing the country's colors. 

Tip all you need is a piece in either red,white or blue ( like these Culottes) and a Print (like this Top) that has the other two colors and viola you got a fool proof look.

This look would be perfect for an outside shindig (day party/pool party anyone) why? If your outside nine times out of ten it will be hot. In this DIY Bandeau the heat will be tolerable, also the shape & weight of the Culottes will allow air to circulate (are a great cover-up cause they are high waist), and the Block heeled sandals will allow you to stand for hours without much discomfort. 


To be honest I hesitated  posting this look cause it didn't photograph the way I had it in my head. However I posted the look on Snapchat (Supplechic) and I was told to post it, so here it it is. I know I promised a NYC / theCurvycon recap don't worry its coming, coincidentally this look is included in my summer look-book which you can watch Here. I personally think the look came out as expected on video, so definitely check it out and Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more video content.

Do you dress up for the fourth? How do you typically spend the weekend? let us know in the comments below!

Saturday, June 25, 2016

In NYC: My Wellness & Beauty Experience

As I said in my Summer Style post I was in NYC last weekend for theCurvyCon it was one of those whirlwind weekends. We (Ola, Val, & Viv) stayed at the Hilton Midtown  they took care of so well.

While we where at the Hotel, before Saturdays events we got a chance to experience a morning  beauty session by Priv. I got a much needed back and body massage and the other ladies got a Gelicure and their Eyebrows threaded.

Photo curtsy of  Heartprintandstyle
Photo curtsy of  Heartprintandstyle
 Lets just say that I didnt know how tight I was until the massage was over my tech ( Karuna G.) got right in there and took her time to work the kinks out of my muscles. Priv brings beauty and wellness services to you in the comfort of your own space and in our case our hotel room.

All you have to do is download their app, put in your info, you select your service, person, appointment and payment is finalized all in the app. Priv is currently available in LA, NYC, London, and Austin . You can also find them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. Lets just say that I'll be using the service again the next time I am in "the City".

Overall the entire stay at the Hotel was great! Make sure to come back Tuesday for more from my trip to NYC; I vlogged my entire weekend so make sure your Subscribed on YouTube so you'll be the first know when that's up! 

Have you tried Priv before? If you have comment down below and tell us about your experience.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Summer Style: Polka Dot Maxi & CropTop

Summer is the perfect time for Maxis, from Skirts to Dresses to Kimonos, Maxis are super flattering because they create a vertical line which has a smiling effect. Which coincidentally I really need right now because of the extra pounds I've picked up just saying. Another reason you should love Maxi dresses and Skirts is because they are so easy to wear (no need for heels) and you look instantly put together without even trying!

My Instagram and Snap ( handle: Supplechic) Chicsters know I actually wore this look to TheCurvyCon, off course I waited till the last minute to find something to wear, and originally I had a seventies themed outfit in mind, but couldn't find what I was looking for anywhere (plus size struggles).


So I figured let me go back to old faithful Asos (Summer Sale happening now) and when I spotted this Maxi I knew it was Bae. I got so many compliments while wearing it, and I know I am going to wear the Maxi to death. Ive already dressed it down with a graphic Tee and a Fringe Bag and I know come fall I will wear the Maxi with this Top, a Fedora and booties.

 As far as the rest of the look I choose this Crop Top ( Black too only $11), old Statement Earrings and my trusty Black Clutch. I honestly was confused by which direction I wanted to go with this look, I didnt know If I wanted to go Boho, Girly or Edgy.

The choice was made for me because my second Asos order didnt arrive in time (because apparently I never placed it lol). I had ordered two Chokers (This & This) and the same top in Black, because I wanted my Strapless Bra to be undetectable. Over all despite all the uncertainty Asos came through and we (Ola,Val, & I) where even featured on a major Mags Website (come through Jesus). As far as TheCurvyCon goes this years recap will be up shortly.

So whats your go to look for the summer, does it include maxis?

 Ps. make sure to come back Saturday for the Scoop on the Hotel we stayed in NewYork we where so spoiled.