Monday, August 13, 2012

MUSE :Klerlie Raymond

So I am starting a new series called Muse cause I am sure sooner than later you guys will get tired of seeing my face lol! Basically I will be showcasing bloggers, designers, pop culture icons, the girl on the street, anyone who I feel has inspired me. 
So I first came across K. on Lookbook and was immediately enthralled. I quickly checked to see if she had a blog unfortunately she didnt (I can totally understand why). 
For the most part I follow quite a few Bloggers some mainstream others not so much but I tend to idolize the ones that are adventurous e.g. the vintage virgin.
 I love people who don't quite sing to everyone's tune and this is very rare in the full figured world. With all that said I bring you Kerlie Raymond.

I'd say her style is quite Eclectic its a  mish mash of California Chic ( flower child meets edgy meets beach babe) with a  hint of Now( Modern,trendy) and a healthy dose of Vintage

So I asked K, three questions 
1. What does your style say about you? My style says whatever and whoever I am feeling that day.

2.Who is your style/fashion muse/inspiration? My style inspiration is June Ambrose. Her style is phenomenal. 

3. If you can only choose one item to wear every single day for the next year, what would it be?The one item I would choose to wear everyday for the next year is confidence, without it no outfit is complete. =]
K. I would buy a ticket to wherever you are if you would let me raid your closet!!

Do you guys like K's style as much as I do
If you do make sure you show her some love on lookbook tell her SUPPLECHIC sent you
P.S As you can tell K. loves her high waist-ed denim shorts and she is actually the one who inspired me to do my High waist-ed cut offs vid (one of my most watched) 
K. thank you for being an awesome sport
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