For those who dont know it I have a youtube channel. I started first making videos so I thought it was only fitting for me to start a series with my current favorites on youtube. The honest truth is that I dont watch t.v I watch youtube dont ask me about any shows on cable because I honestly will be clueless, aside form my guilty pleasure HBO(In Addition to Scandal “I  ♥ Kerry” and finally Homeland). Hope you like! 

love thrifting and love reconstructing thrift finds. Unfortunately for me I have two containers filled with stuff I am currently working on. So she gets major points for following through and completing her reconstructions. I got so many ideas from this video hope you do too.

Love Asia she has great taste. I just love everything about this look: the Midi length dress, the gold plated belt, the floral moto-cycle jacket, the autumn colors………
I really love these twin girls,they both work in the retail industry so you know they have dynamite taste. I am always intrigued/inspired by the combinations they come up with.
Of course I had to put one of my videos lol! shameless plug one of my favorite trends for fall is leather ; so I had do a look-book featuring leather and while thrifting I scored this amazing sequin jacket! literally I have had a sequin jacket on my thrift list for ever. So I was super excited when I found this one. I would have preferred black and gold or colored sequins but hey beggars aren’t choosers.  Subsequently I decided  to include it  in the look-book and also to showcase how you can style up and old tee and jeans.

So with age I have become a hopeless romantic( to my dismay) and this video that was made by Wendys beaux almost made me cry. Most men who help out with youtube videos dont do it by choice and God only knows the cajoling that must go on behind the lens. I love how invested he is in her venture; you can see the love through the lens and wendy’s rise characterizes the quote “two heads are better than one” kudos to you mystery man.
Lastly I Love videos that show ways to wear anything and a jean jacket is a classic/staple. If you dont have one run to your nearest store and if you are on a budget thrift stores have loads. This video shows how versatile a Jean jacket is. Throw it on anything and it just tones it down it creates that “I am not trying too hard look”.Furthermore I love the  concept of this video. I lust for the days when I will have the equipment and expertise to make such awesome video’s, but I try to tell my self its  one step at a time. A one man crew can only do so much.

P.S I am always on the lookout for new channels, any suggestions?



  1. November 6, 2012 / 1:02 pm

    Love the twins!!!! I am not really a video person but I should get into it!

    • November 9, 2012 / 12:59 am

      you should! you wont know if you dont try. many people are successful on youtube for various reasons, for some its their content, others its their personality, finding your niche is also a good idea and the fastest way to get views is to have a guru or someone else shout you out. I had to move my channel for various reasons and I worked hard to get my subscribers but thats when i realized that i make videos cause i want to and i truly believe that if you put out good content people will notice

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