Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Take 2: Baseball Tee and Plaid Skirt

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As I was editing the pictures for this post I started to think back on how my view of myself has changed over the years. As a teenager I was extremely insecure because of my size and I wasnt even plus size; I just had a more mature body. I was insecure because I was taller than most of my peers,because I had stretch marks on parts of my body, because I was darker and because I was foreign. So whenever I entered a room all I wanted to do was hide in a corner or blend in.  Additionally as much as I love my family their views on what is beautiful didn't help much. All these negative views of myself, influenced the decisions I made as a youth, many of  which I wish I could unmake. 

Its taken me some time to see my worth and to realize no one is perfect. This  is one of the reasons I started  youtube-ing and blogging because it may seem superficial because we are talking about clothes but for me its really not. Its about loving yourself, following your dreams and not letting society or anyone else determine your worth. My self worth truly comes from my saviors view of me, he gave something priceless ( his life ) for me because I am priceless.




  1. Kudos, to you loving yourself. I too, dealt with insecurities at a young age. Not only from peers but family as well. It can be very damaging as we grow into adults. At 35, I'm just beginning to see that I'm somebody and God loves me. You look lovely in your outfit. Be blessed!!

  2. Loving yourself is paramount to a good life, especially in this America. Live your life, wear what you like and you look Fabulous in this skirt.

  3. Love the look! Where are your skirt and pumps from?

  4. I had to fall in love with myself too, I am dark and I have stretch marks too, but loving onself is the first step to self confidence, you look good though and please don't stop liking yourself, lovely shoes and gorgeous skirt.

  5. I'm so sharing this on my blog, hope you don't mind? the link is www.yettybakbeauty.blogspot.com

  6. I love how you mixed the prints! Very chic


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