Tuesday, January 27, 2015

30+ Valentines Day Gifts For (Almost) Every Type of Guy

 In less than three weeks it will be Valentine's Day ( Just when you thought you were done with gifts right) if your single well you don't have to worry about it but if you're not gift giving continues.I figured that 80% of my readers are female and I thought why not create a gift guide  for you ladies that are looking for gifts for your boo's.

As the title says I tried to think of great gifts for every type of guy. This Briefcase from Nordstrom is perfect for an executive; if your guy is into games he will love this retro GameBoy inspired flask. If your guy is into cooking I found some really great gadgets one of them is this in Home Barbecue perfect for grilling in the winter & for city dwellers with limited space also if he loves beer I found this make your Beer Kit from Sur La Table. If your boo loves the outdoors then he will love a Go Pro and this Annual Pass to all the parks in the United States; this pass also happens to be free from military families. A great gift for a guy who travels a lot would be a really good and durable Suitcase  like this one from Tumi that I found at Neiman Marcus ( they have an awesome Mens Shop). If your relationship is brand spanking new and your not ready to invest your mortgage I've got some thinking about you gifts too.




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