Friday, September 4, 2015

The Ultimate Guide To Transition from Summer to Fall Shoe Edition : Fall Fashion

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Let me share something about my self I hate wearing Boots (unless they look like This ) just joking but they arnt my first choice (maybe it's because I was born on an island); if your following me on instagram (@supplechic) you would notice that I rarely wear them . 
I love walking bare feet and remembered growing up that it would drive my mother crazy. I have longish size 10 1/2 wide feet (basically an 11) and I hate that  constricting feeling I get when I have to stuff them into shoes. 
Which is why I love summer, that sense of freedom you get when you can take off your Boots, paint your toenails and put on a nice sandal is priceless. 
 In this part of the world fall (shop Fall Finds) is inevitable and my feet must go back into Boots . When that has to happen it might as well be in These,  which I would pair them with & .
 So if you're like me and will be taking it hard when you have to put those Boots back on, here are a few pairs of shoes to make the transition just a little bit easier .


 Labor day is few days away cheers to a three day weekend we dont get enough of these and of course with these come sales . For some reason I am super excited about the Target sale 25% what?  especially after seeing their recent circular. Ive shared my picks from the best of sale down below. 


Save up to 25% on furniture and home items as well as clothing and accessories.  Save and extra 10% with code : LaborDay


The summer clearance is on at Nordstrom.  Save 40% on fashion, beauty, shoes, handbags and more!  If you missed the Anniversary Sale this is your chance to get deals at Nordstrom.

Save 40% sitewide with code: HAVEFUNLB

Enter TREATYOSELF at checkout for extra 10% off.

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