Friday, November 20, 2015

Gift Guide For Him: Awesome Gift Ideas For Your Dad / Co-Worker / Brother / Boo / Buddy

Gift guide for him

 I've been blessed to be in a house full of men my entire life, growing up I was the only girl at home and even now with a family I'm still the only girl in my house. I've also been blessed with two awesome brother in laws so I'm surrounded by men . 

Buying gifts around the holidays can be interesting because I'm not a man. I've learnt over the years what men don't want (ties, sweaters,socks). Tip: When it comes to finding the perfect gift for a guy you have to pay close attention to his interests.

 For the most part men fall into three categories, I've dubbed the first one "Artsy" (they are into things like music, art, fashion)  then you have the "Macho" they're into working with there hands, they love sports, the outdoors, and finally you have the "Nouveau" they're into video games, sneakers, gadgets & toys ( did I miss a category? ).

Go ahead and get started now, before the madness begins next week!




 leather back pack, phone case, selfie stick (#stockingstuffer), wireless head phones , madden 16turn tableIphone 6 & 6s lensvader mug, drone,  beer & food coffee table book, chalkboard globe

What kind of man are you shopping for? Did you find just what your looking for? Was this helpful? 

Be sure to come back Monday for a post and a round up of party dresses.

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