Thursday, November 5, 2015

Foolproof Travel Outfit For Fall + Tips : Leggins, Plaid Scarf & Green Parka

full-proof-travel-outfit-forever21-distressed tee-faux-leather-leggings-white-chuck-taylor


plu-size-travel-outfit-forever21-distressed tee-faux-leather-leggings-white-chuck-taylor
 Today's post is all about holiday travel outfit ideas, as well as tips and advice to help simplify the process. I dont know about you guys but I love traveling the wanderlust for me is real. I love the Adrenalin rush and all the chaos that happens before you get to the airport.

One time I misplaced my passport the morning of my flight, and another time my passport had expired and I didn't know ( now that wasn't funny). I could regale you with various stories but thats not what this post is about.

The number one Tip I can give when traveling is to LAYER  between the temperatures outside, in the airport , on the plane and at your destination the temps can vary significantly, so having the ability to pile on and remove clothing is necessary.
The Key is light weight layers, cause no one like that constricting feeling you get when you have on multiple heavy pieces .
Start with a Layering Tank, then add on a long or short Sleeve Tee, then a Layering Cardigan and finally finish of with a Jacket ( like This fur trimmed one under $60) or Coat. Another essential you need is a Scarf if you choose a Blanket Scarf, it can also serve as Blanket, a Neck Pillow or even a Sleeping Mask.


Leggings or Stretchy Pants are a necessity, preferably ones that do not need a belt, because thats one less thing you need to TAKE OFF  at TSA. Also who wants to have on blood constricting jeans on a long flight. You want to wear something that affords you some flexibility on a flight, as you try to find the perfect sleeping position on your chair ( the sweet spot).


When it comes to Shoes the simpler the better I default to Sneakers for flights but if your a die hard heel wearer a Pump is acceptable. Remember you have to take of your shoes at TSA ( I am assuming everyone reading this flies commercial if your reading this and you go private Hey!). This is not the time to wear intricate Lace Up Shoes or tight shoes for that matter; if you dont want to get evil stares from everyone behind you on the line; Slip-ons are Ideal ( like This or This under $30).


As far as Luggage I always carry a Carryall (this One is under $15), so that I can have all my essentials with me ( I can do a post on this) and an extra cloth bag just in case my Luggage is too HEAVY.
 I also recommend investing in sturdy Luggage ( like This) they last a life time and you have peace of mind that your belongings will arrive with you in one piece.
 Finally I recommend bold Colors or Prints when purchasing luggage ( like This or That). It makes finding your baggage at baggage claim so much easier, because it saves you from sifting through a hundred and one black, and brown pieces of luggage.


By the way Asos is having a sale 20% of 150 & 25% of 200. If your trying to save even more money sign up for EbatesIts a great way to get CASH back whilst shopping.


Will you be traveling for the holidays and do you have any travel tips? Share in the comments.

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