Monday, February 22, 2016

21+ Items To Bring on Your Next Vacation

Raise your hand if you have already bought your first swimsuit of the season. Being plus ( & young at heart) you know the struggle we went through before Monif C, Forever21 and Gabifresh came to the rescue. But you already know time waits for no man and that our Suits dont last very long,they will sell out and probably not be restocked. 

I figured now was the best time to share some of my picks for those who like going on Vacation to escape the cold, as well as for those planing for Spring Break! I cant tell you how liberated I felt the first time I put on a Swimsuit, after years of giving in to my hang ups; I felt free and its a chance I encourage everyone to take. No one can tell me it feels good to wear a bunch of clothes on a hot beach, so dont. 

I have  included all the basics Suits, Dresses, Sandals, Accessories (Beach Bags, Sunnies, Jewelry)  and much more. I will be doing another post on confidence & swimsuits and loving your beach body towards the summer. I will say this, the first step you must take is buying/finding a suit that you love and that fits well!


 I just racked up on some spring break pieces and will have a Haul up on YouTube are you Subscribed. If you arnt you can subscribe Here.


Do you wear swimsuits? If you do have insecurities ever been a factor? Do you have any tips or tricks for dealing with them? Finally if you dont wear swimsuits why? leave your comments down below we would love to hear!!

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