Thursday, March 10, 2016

Top Five Spring 2016 Trends To Shop Now - Before They Sell Out

I am here for this great weather we have been happening its currently 80 degrees in early march in the mid atlantic win! So I thought it would be the perfect time to share my top five Spring Trends for 2016, and honestly what's awesome about these trends is that you probably own them already! Especially if you have been following this blog!

Remember how I talk about Off Shoulder pieces in this Post well I was kinda right/wrong because I honestly think this will be the most popular trend this season. This style looks great on almost every one you can try a Top  the most versatile (like this white eyelet version), or a Dress, Romper or Jumpsuit. The WhoWhatWear collection (see top picks Here) even features an Off Shoulder piece. So If you dont own any Off Shoulder Pieces its now or never Chicsters.


The next trend would have to be bold Stripes I am hesitant to call this a trend but we saw a number of stripes during SS16 presentations. However not your traditional stripes think Technicolor or stripes in different sizes with a slight seventies twist ( like this Dress on sale). Again this is another versatile trend because you can rock the trend as you like; in a Top, Skirt, pants and even Dresses. The best thing about it is you probably already own something that fits the bill. However if you dont Shop  pieces below!


The third trend would be athleisure specifically the Bomber again this trend has been around for a few seasons but its still making a splash, I credit this to Mr and Mrs west! I know most of my fashion forward Chicsters already own a Green or black Bomber; however for spring you want to switch it up, get a lighter colored Bomber like This in cream or blush. It will pair well with Light Wash jeans ( these are Good) or even White jeans and if your real adventurous you can take a cue from Yezzy season 2 and rock a head to toe neutral look crop-top and leggings set included.

Tip get a light colored Bomber it will pair well with this spring season's muted and pastel shades.


The fourth trend again, not a trend per say is this seasons "IT" colors Yellow ( like this Gorgeous Skirt), Pink, Orange . My favorite hands down is yellow I dont have a lot of it in my wardrobe and I plan to rectify that thanks to Lupita & Solange. I've got this Skirt and this Top at the top of my list. My second fav is pink, I am here for dusty rose and muted pinks like this Romper and this Top, I love blush too, but it dosnt show up on camera as I would like. 

Tip pick a color, have fun with it and create a color capsule in your wardrobe. It will allow you to mix and match clothing pieces and accessories to create new outfits all season.


Finally the fifth trend is loving your body and not caring about artificial/unrealistic standards and rocking the body you currently have unapologetically ( like she is ). Yes you might look physically better if you were a certain size (to certain people I should note), but if your not so WHAT (self acceptance is the first step)! No you will not let your size get you down or diminish your worth (confidence is contagious). Your current body is made for whatever you want to do with it, so SLAY!!! in it.

Tip pick trends that appeal to your personal style and flatter your body-type. 

It can be expensive following trends  every season and there are a lot more than five, I will share a more later ;which is why I love fast fashion stores like HM, Forever21 and Boohoo. Basically the question you should ask yourself in the dressing room is, will I wear this when its not trendy, if your answer is yes then your set!


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