Monday, July 25, 2016

#Nsale Menswear Monday Edition : Must Haves + Essentials Picks

If you have ever thought WTH does he have on, then this series is for you. If you didnt see the Last post it is Here.
Pre Fall Menswear Picks
Hi Chicsters today's post is another installment of Menswear Monday and today theme is Pre-Fall. I scoured the #Nsale for the best Menswear picks (so you dont have to) from the essentials / must haves to those pieces that anchor and complete an outfit ( like These). The best part of it though is that you get next seasons pieces at a discounted price but remember that prices go up August 8. Its almost like getting into a virtual time machine, if you shop or share the sale now your guy will be looking sharp come fall.


My vision for Menswear Monday as Ive said is to also include features of stylish men so if you know any male bloggers or just guys in general that would fit the series then have them send 1-3 photos to info at supplechic.com with subject MenswearMonday. Want more see the entire series Here.


Ps. I dont have access to the Internet right now, the struggles been real hence the delay in posting Outfits but things should resume to our regular scheduled programming shortly. Also Ive got another Sale Alert coming on Wednesday so stay tuned.

Id love to know what you guys have gotten from the NSale and if your shopping for your guys too?

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