Sunday, December 11, 2016

Top Gift Ideas For New Moms

As I said in This post Im surrounded by new mom's its almost surreal because for the longest time I was the only person with a Kid. So I thought it would be the perfect time to share some gift ideas. Although Ive not been a new mom for some time now I remember needing rest, wanting to be comfortable, wanting convenience and needing to find what was me, about myself.

Great gift ideas include an Essential make up kit, Fancy ( like cashmere) soft and cozy Loungewear, Soothing scents, a non Diaper diaper bag, Wrap baby carrier (#teamhandsfree),  a Smart watch to keep the sleep deprived mind organized, At home treatment, a Nice camera/ Digital photo frame. on demand entertainment (Amazon, Netflix) subscription, and anything that makes child rearing less tedious for example bottle liners, soothers, and a house keeper 😁


Looking for Gifts for everyone else find all my Gift Ideas Guide Here, we are exactly two weeks away from Christmas so if you have been procrastinating STOP.
There is still enough time to take advantage of free shipping from Nordstrom and Asos for example, without stressing yourself out Last Minute going into crazy crowded malls #worksmartnothard. Finally dont forget you can save even more on Holiday shopping with EBATES (I swear by it).

Narrowed down your Christmas list yet?

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