Thursday, March 2, 2017

Top 5 Beach Trip (Vacation) Essentials


Humans are creatures of habit wont you say and it seems that, the habit of taking a break around spring stays with you long after college.

With that said I've noticed that most ( by most I mean young professionals) like to hit the resorts before the college kids sometime between January-March. One of you on Instagram requested help with packing for an upcoming Vacay after I posted This #TBT. So here you have it is Top 5 items to pack for your next beach trip.


The number one ESSENTIAL in my opinion is a dress, a Dress you can wear as a cover up, to dinner, and to go exploring basically an EVERYWHERE DRESS. Choose one thats light weight and in a solid color (like I did Here). Next essential is a TOTE, a sturdy canvas in a dark color can be used as overflow for souvenirs when traveling back, as a Beach Bag and a shopper/Carryall as you explore.


If want a stress free vacation dont forget to pack that hat (luv the tassels on this one), because there is nothing like a bad hair day to ruin the mood. Also with all the luggage restrictions these days who wants to pay more just to pack hair tools and if thats not enough of a reason your HAT will also double as a sleeping mask as you doze off on the beach. You can go for an on-trend boater style or a classic Fedora in Rafia/Straw or Canvas.

Don't forget to pack comfy footwear a SANDAL is a must pack a simple Sandal and an embelished one like This especially if you dont plan on packing high heels to transition you from day to night.
Lastly dont forget outerwear yes you may be going somewhere warm but you can never predict the weather and planes are notorious for being cold. So pack a lightweight CARDIGAN OR KIMONO that can wear on the plane, wear on the beach, as a coverup and wear to dinner as temps dip.


Need a more comprehensive list check out this Post. If your not subscribed to me on Youtube  Subscribe because I will be sharing more on this Topic. 

What are your go to pieces to pack on Vacation?

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