Je t’aime

v day post jet aime brixton fiddler hat

v day post jet amie

chloe bag dupe

plaid coat outfit valentines day

v day post plaid coat j amme

Today post is an homage to the official day of Love, hope you are feeling loved right at this moment. You guys know Im here for themes so when I saw this tee there was no way I wasn’t getting it “Je t’aime” means “I Love You” in French.😘


Speaking of love when I spotted this coat It was indeed luv, at first sight, I knew it had to be mine, because its a nice hybrid. The print and fabric are both menswear-inspired but the silhouette and details are decidedly feminine. I style the coat with a pink slogan tee (because the coat itself has threads of blush pink woven through it) and black jeans. Finally, I finished off the look with white boots.

Fit Tip: The tshirt is long & runs big order 1 or even 2 sizes down

Lastly, I say this every valentines day but its worth repeating, don’t fall for the hype if you happen to be single there is a time & a season for everything. Please fall in love with your self, treat your self  & do the things that make you happy. The first person you need to love you is you.

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Have an amazing day 💥


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