Transition From Winter To Spring With This Trick

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Hi, Chicsters today’s post is in collaboration with LOFT plus and its all about transitioning from winter to spring! Last week I was asked during a recent Instagram live what my essential pieces were from spring and all I could think of was a trench coat I had a total brain freeze.

What it did make me realize was that unbeknownst to me I was already transitioning into spring. I’m sure you are wondering how and it’s pretty simple by changing my color palette. Although it may be too early to ditch the layers you can, in fact, start reaching for lighter brighter hues.

Today’s look is a perfect example the dress (only 2 sizes left) is a perfect hybrid colorwise because you have the grey background (winter) pair with mustard, cream and a dark salmon pink shade (spring). To make the LOFT PLUS Peony Fluid Shift Dress (on sale BTW) weather appropriate I paired it with a sleeveless sweater vest, mustard pumps & a grey tote.

So I’m sure you are wondering about fit I was too they have a fit estimator on the LOFT site for guidance, and it’s pretty good just put in your details height, weight etc and it recommends a size for you. The Plus line is flying off the shelf so many of the pieces that were available last week are already gone so if you are in doubt order two sizes, and hurry because right now LOFT is offering free shipping & returns.


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