It seems that of late I have become intrigued by all things french. Hence the title “five things” I think its because of the latest street style shots from Paris fashion week. Or it may be because the innate frenchman in me has surfaced. Frenchman? I took french of and on for about six years of my life. The funny thing about the whole thing is all I can say is “what is your name” and “my name is”. I feel bad for my mom sometimes she really tried to make me cultured, french, piano ……… But all I wanted to do was draw and sing. 

Now here are my current five 

Gabi FResh plus size blogger Slaying
Bloggers in Tutu’s
           Pencil Skirts and TeesTee shirt pencil skirt and pumps
Leather sleeves

                                Anything and everything Solange

Leather Sleeve coat Solange ELLE south AFrica wearing African Designers                              



I AM loving the current explosion of plus size bloggers in TUTU‘s. As I said on my FB page I guess we all have inner ballerina’s in us. As usual Gabi didint disappoint I also loved the outfit Gurl With Curves put together; if you are intrested in this style I know that forever21 has a few less expensive versions of the tutu skirt.
I could write a post just on the PENCIL SKIRT. The pencil skirt embodies my philosphy on style: it accentuates ones curves, it is sultry/sexy without being vulgar, its sophisticated and leaves room for the imagination…………. 
Pairing it with a tee makes it modern and gives off that effortlessy chic vibe we are all trying to attain. 
Off course one of the biggest trends for fall is LEATHER and I have been obssesed with leather sleeves for about two winters  I am still trying to find the “right look” within my price point. I am crossing my fingers that it will happen soon. 
PRINTS!!! If you didn’t know I am Nigerian, we love prints and all things colorful, bold and clashing. You can take the girl out of Naija but you cant take the Naija out of her.
Last but not least SOLANGE I am thoroughly intrigued by this woman; I just love her style and how she owns who she is. It cant be easy being her, but if her sister owns her music SOLANGE owns her style, her style is impecable! its the perfect mix of high, low, edgy, modern,  and vintage with an ethnic twist. My goal is that one day I will be able to work with her
( I am having a Stan moment ).

P.S  Rant alert!I need a HTML crash course I have spent literally four hours trying to place picture where I want them and trying to get rid of extra space really peeved feeling a little better now if the space wants to be there let it be!!
Ive got a Mini Look-book out on the TUBE check it out if you havnt already



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