The Journey: Disco pants and Aztec Jacket


I actually began this post more than a year ago and I have come full circle and right back to it.
When I envisioned this blog I had four main ideas  and I find
that I have only half delivered on my vision. As you all know I am african, West African and from Nigeria. In Nigeria we have a very rich culture we are
flamboyant and colorful this is demonstrated by our type of dress. I
am intrigued, tickled and enamored by the african fashion industry especially
the Nigerian fashion industry. Over the last few years the industry has grown
significantly and I am so proud, one because the designers behind these brands
do not have the experience, education and the knowledge that has been passed
down over the centuries like their european counterparts but yet they find ways
to create out of nothing and  for many without the ease of technology.
They really do not get their due and one of my visions is to use my blog as a
platform to share.
I also plan on
posting more everyday looks cause honestly I wear makeup and heels on average
once a week ( in my line of work sensible shoes are a must)and I want my blog
to be a true depiction of my personal style. I recently read a post
on borninsequins and she basically summed up my sentiments on the matter.
In conclusion I just want to reiterate how blessed I am to have you take part
in my journey and how much I hope you will stick around and see where it leads




  1. January 2, 2015 / 2:13 pm

    Honey let me say… AFRICAN FASHION is the BEST! Sad to say, but I sometimes wish I was African. The clothing is just so amazing. 2nd I just ordered some disco pants and I am super excited to style them. Never thought about an Aztec print top! Happy new year and I look forward to how you will bring it this year!

    • January 3, 2015 / 11:29 pm

      happy new year to you too! and as far as bringing it I shall do my best.

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