Gift-Guide One: Stuffers

Supplechic Holiday Gift Guide 1
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Can you believe it the year is almost gone and we are one 
holiday away from christmas. Which means that it’s time to start thinking about gifts for family & friends.  
I dont know about you but I like to stay as far away from the stores as possible during the holidays(thanks to the internet and parenthood going to the mall almost seems counter intuitive)I just cant deal. So I start my shopping early sometimes as soon as the holidays are over because in my opinion  thats when you get the best deals. 
My strategy is simple:
I create a mental/virtual budget for my loved ones and any time I see something that they might like I scoop it up. 
For gift giving I either give something practical or something precious. An example for practical could be cute but comfy flats for a new mom; for precious it could be something the person might love but cannot justify purchasing for themselves; like something from the new Louboutin nail polish line.
Finally if you are shopping online dont forget to use sites like Retailmenot for coupon codes or Shopstyle for price comparisons and filters
If your still not sure what to purchase be sure to check back weekly I will be posting gift ideas until december; For additional ideas you can also check out my picks here  

How do you approach holiday shopping (do you pull the bandaid off gently or do you rip it off)?


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