9 Items You Need in Your Beauty Bag in 2015

9 Items You Need in Your Beauty Bag in 2015, FRAGRANCE
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Ive tried various eyeliners from gel to pen and from cheap to expensive and hands down this Kiss liquid liner is the easiest, darkest, semi cheapest eyeliner Ive tried. I love how easy it is to put on, my only qualms with it is that it does dry up relatively quickly. 

I have a $50 bottle of Chanel Matte Foundation however my complexion changes based on the season plus I have hyper pigmentation and I needed a lighter colored foundation to mix with and I didnt want to shell out another $50 after my lighter sample finished. I did some research and I purchased this Black Radiance Foundation it does the same job as my $50 foundation and it’s about 90% cheaper than my Chanel. So contrary to popular believe you can find foundation for oily skin in darker shades on a budget ( its a must try in my opinion).

I love Coconut Oil because if you know me you know that I have dry skin which tends to get worse during the colder months. Most lotions arnt moisturizing enough so I have to turn to oils; however I hate feeling greasy which eliminates most oils, coconut oil oil however starts out solid at room temperature but melts as you apply. It just leaves you moisturized without the greasy feeling I dislike so much. It can be used on your hair, you can eat it, you can put it on your skin; it is just a great multipurpose light weight oil that I love.
Ive been looking for an everyday nude lipgloss; finding lip colors can be challenging for me because I have two toned lips but I saw this ( Mac Lipglass in Spite) on a family friend with a similar complexion and I instantly rushed to the Mac counter to get it for myself. It’s a great nude-ish brown sparkly color on me and it’s perfect  for when I’m going for a nude-ish bronzed look.
Tea Tree Oil works awesome for me because I have chronic dry scalp/dandruff it is the only thing I have tried that has  really worked. It apparently also helps with acne, ezcema and a host of other skin conditions.

 Neutrogena Acne Wash is an all star in my beauty bag it’s been a favorite for the last five years. It keeps my acne prone skin in check and I really have no complaints.

I been using my Milk of Magnesia ever since I found out about its oil control properties last year. I have really oily skin and I’ve tried various cheap and  expensive-ish  primers to try to control my oil under my make up and nothing really worked. That is until I tried using Milk of  Magnesia not sure why or how it works but it hits it out of the park I have no issues with oil whenever I have it on.

The next thing on my list is my go to perfume which my husband got me. Originally I thought I was gonna hate it because I’m super picky when it comes to scents, so you can imagine my surprise when I smelled Boucheron ( its not a new scent which is probably why I hadnt heard of it) and didnt hate it. The scent just works it’s not too fruity like my typical choice in scents; but it’s not too musky. I can’t put my hands on it but I love it and I recommend that you smell it the next time you are at a fragrance counter.

 I’m natural so Jamaican Castor Oil is awesome because it instantly hydrates my typically dry hair and makes it easy to manipulate. It also strengthens hair and promotes growth, it is famed for helping with alopecia.


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Thats it folks! please comment down below with your 2014 beauty favorites or any tips/tricks you have to help us stay beautiful in 2015.


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