4 Reasons to Start Shopping for Fall Now!

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See featured outfits  Here and Here.
Here are the four reasons you should start shopping for fall Now. 
It Saves Money, one of the biggest reasons to shop ahead of time, is that it can save you money. You can shop the last seasons pieces on Sale or you can shop special sales like the  #Nsale. It Saves Time, if you buy now while items are still readily available it will save you hours in the mall searching for an item (wide calf  Knee High boots for example) to no avail  because its SOLDOUT online. You have More Options, you will have the pick of litter ( like the option between this Fur Coat, This Azteck one, or this Parka), allowing you to choose the items that suit you the best. There is Less stress, your less anxious because in all likely hood  you will find what your looking for and  in your size, finally you will experience the euphoria of having exactly what you want and being prepared ahead of time
I walked into Walmart a few weeks ago and they already had Back to School items out ( summer vacation barely started). This is happening because  people are starting to shop earlier and search for deals way before they need it. 
Which means that if you wait till you actually need it their will be nothing left. This is especially true in the Plus Size market where their are a limited number of retailers that offer fashion forward pieces.So, seriously … start now.

I have, I picked up this Camel Coat in a 14 ( I am a size 16/18), this Scuba Jacket in a 14 also ( ive got pretty thick arms and they both fit comfortably) , I also picked up these Green Culottes which I wore Here ( they are now 50% off) . I have got my eye on this Fur Vest , this Suede Skirt, these Flare Pants, this Parka and finally these Lace up Flats ( width with version Here) . I know we are talking about fall but when I saw this Forever21 Romper I did a double take, if I didnt have my Asos one ( which I wore Here) it would be a no brainier, just thought I would share.
Down below Ive linked some of the best finds for Fall including pieces from the #Nsale  and so much more.


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