MensWear Monday: How to Look Good Even When Its Freezing Outside

If you have ever thought WTH does he have on, then today’s post is for you.
 “I’ve always intended for Supplechic to me more than me just showing my outfits, however its easier said than done. As I said in This Post I grew up in a house of boys and I am currently in a house with only boys so it makes sense that I would be interested in men’s fashion.”

Todays post is the second installment of MensWear Monday I didnt get a Yay or Nay on the First One so I figured full steam ahead maybe you guys haven’t made up your mind.  My vision for this is to also include features of stylish men so if you know any male bloggers or just guys in general that would fit the series then please leave them in the comments down below. 
Today’s look is all about the Cold (we are currently experiencing below zero windchill). It can be really hard to look put together when its really cold, because you have to balance your need to stay warm with looking presentable.

So if you know any guy who only wants to wear Sweat Pants, his college Hoodie and his favorite Baseball HatBeanie do him a favor and just forward this to him. I intend to have these post up at the beginning of the month, but I figured since I did a few guy themed Posts ( like this one Gifts for Guys) that it might be a bit much .

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Valentines day was just yesterday, and I was wondering how much of a role a guys personal style plays into whether or not you will date him. Have you dismissed a guy completely because of  his outfit?

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