MensWear Monday Vol.3: Transitioning

If you have ever thought WTH does he have on, then  this series is for you. If you didnt see the first and the second check them out Here and Here.
 “I’ve always intended for Supplechic to me more than me just showing my outfits, however its easier said than done. As I said in This Post I grew up in a house of boys and I am currently in a house with only boys so it makes sense that I would be interested in men’s fashion.
In keeping with the season today theme is transitioning into spring! If you didnt see the first and the second check them out Here and Here. Its definitely time to start thinking of spring and to start ditching some of the layers. Speaking of layers its also time to ditch the caveman style survival look and embrace daily grooming once again.
Nothing says spring in a closet like a Trench Coat it is an essential in both the male and female wardrobe so if you dont have one get yours Here. Aside from a Trench Coat every guy needs a Down Jacket and a Leather One and you can find them Here and Here on sale. A Trench Coats neutral color compliments the lighter color palette that is synonymous with spring. This is a look that would work in a business casual environment and definitely on weekends.
I am curious how comfortable are you with a man in  a non traditional look? Do you think men can rock color ( like pastels or mix colors)? Thoughts opinions comment below.
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