MensWear Monday Vol. 4 : Fathers Day Edition

Menswear Monday went on Hyades but its back honestly after doing this Collab I just got behind on my editorial calendar . Thankfully schools out soon so ill be pushing out more content yay for that right. Also I got a new camera lens so I’ve been going through the growing pains of learning how to make the most of it.

Alright now that the update is done lets talk about Fathers Day its June 19th FYI and if you’re like me right now, your probably not sure what to get the Father/Fathers in your life.

A good rule of thumb as I’ve said previously is to look at their lifestyle, hobbies are always a good place to start .

 If he loves to travel make a DIY travel kit with inexpensive travel Accessories like a passport Holder or cute travel Socks . If he loves cheese, cycling, beer, wine etc. Groupon is a great place to find gifts based on interest ; for example you can score an inexpensive ticket to a local wine tasting, cheese sampling etc.  Or if you are in the mood to  splurge a trip to the Napa Valley or the South of France is always a good idea.

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Ps. I know fatherhood is a sensitive subject in the black community since we seem to have a disproportionate number of not so great ones, not sure what the root cause is , is it lack of education, poverty or our value system. That’s why fathers day has become so important to me. Its always great to celebrate great men who (make no excuses) sacrifice for their family.

 I’d love to know whats the best fathers day present you have given till date? & your thoughts on the state of fatherhood in the black community


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