In NYC : The Travel Diary and Recap

 I’ve been talking about recapping my New York trip for so long, so that’s what today’s post is about. By the way I vlogged  (video Blogged ) the entire NYC trip , it will be live on my YouTube channel tomorrow so if your not subscribed, Subscribe Here so you will be the first to know once its up. 

As you guys know I went to New York to attend curvy con the main reasons why I’ve attended the Curvy con two years in a row is because I go there to meet and network with other plus size bloggers as well as meet brands that cater directly to plus size women. My current network of Blogger friends is all because of Curvy con, the Spring Trends Collab I did with them probably wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t gone to Curvycon so for that I am thankful to Cece & Chastity.
This years Curvy con was a two day event however I was only there for the main day simply because I could not get time off work. As many of you know I am an educator and it was the end of the school year, so getting time off was completely off the table.
Basically I went from work on Friday to conference I arrived in New York before 7 o’clock in the morning, and then we were treated to a beauty and wellness experience courtesy of our hotel the Hilton Midtown and PRIV (see this Post for details).

After that it was off to the Curvy con, we missed most of the panels in the morning because we arrived there after 1 o’clock. However we did get to enjoy the shopping experience downstairs and we did get to catch a panel upstairs. I met so many wonderful ladies while I was there I got to see Trendycurvy, Everythingcurvychic, and Bigbeautifulblackgirls again. I also saw some new faces Hayet Rida, Studio Mucci, Curvesonabudget  just to name a few. I also finally met God’sfavoriteshoes she is such a sweetheart by the way. It was so nice to preview, network and converse with all of the brands that were there from Hello Gorgeous, to Fashion to Figure, Simplybe, Eloquii, Asos, Dia and Co and many others.

 So the original plan for after the Curvy con was to go out for drinks and dancing. However with all the walking around, standing and my personal exhaustion from only getting like two hours of sleep the night before we opted for dinner, some light shopping, and drinks.

Surprisingly we did a lot of eating in a short period of time, after some debate, we decided upon Times Square. First we went for fro yo, second we went and got “sriracha” hot-dogs at the Snack Box and then after some light shopping we finally ended up at Dallas Dallas BBQ’s for drinks and their infamous or is it famous sticky wings.

After that it was off to bed because although it was past midnight we had to get up super early for an early morning shoot (see This Post for details).  After our shoot we ate our final meal together at the @NYHiltonMidtwon‘s Herbs ‘n Kitchen Market, it was an awesome brunch with a spread like no other. Everything was so fresh and good.  Sadly, finally it was time to leave.
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Unfortunately we didn’t do as much shopping as we intended. The original plan was to go to Soho and check out Zara, Topshop, HM, Uniqulo, Necessary Clothing, etc but for various reasons each of us had to get back earlier than anticipated . It just so happened to be Father’s Day and game seven of the NBA playoffs. We all know how that went.
Overall the trip was a complete success, I really had some reservations about embarking on the trip this year. In retrospect over the last couple of years that I have been to New York for either Full Figured Fashion Week or CurvyCon this was the most rewarding and probably the only trip that exceeded my expectations. Special thanks to The Lord, my awesome Blogger boos, Roadtofashionable, FashiononaCurve and Heartprintandstyle for convincing me to go again, to PRIV, and the Hilton Midtown for making it an enjoyable stay.
Speaking of expectations, the Nordstrom sale starts in five days (early access) and it’s a sale that typically exceeds expectations. Are you ready for it? Are you eligible for early excess?  If you’re not sign up Here. You can find my #nsale Picks in a dedicated Tab up top (coming soon) as well as in the Side bar. I will be dissecting the plus size sale, while also sharing picks from Nordstrom Juniors, Shoes, Bags,Watches, Beauty and Menswear.

P.s. this was a long one and if you made it this far here’s a virtual hug from me!! Thanks for stopping by 😚😚

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  1. July 10, 2016 / 7:09 am

    I am so glad we got to meet! When you guys left my booth, my husband was like do you know them? I was like "through our blogs." He doesn't get it! You were a treat! P.S. I follow you on Snapchat, you never sleep! How do you keep going!?! Loved meeting you!

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