How To: Great Gifts For Less

Today I am working with Groupon to share how you can stretch your dollars, and save money on health, beauty and wellness services.  Those who know me know I am allergic to full price to a fault some times; and as much as I love a good pamper session I am definitely on a budget and thats where Groupon comes in. Its a go to when searching for services, and there are a plethora of deals on health, beauty and wellness services
One of the first things I did after coming back from NYFW ( see Recap one Here) was to go get a mini pamper session. If you are following me on Snapchat you saw the state of my nails before the mini mani I got during NYFW; so when I got back I had to get a pedi and mini massage to match. 
I’ve found some great deals on Groupon  from car detailing, to summer activities and I just found a great deal on a wash, deep conditioning and twist out. Which is exactly what I was looking for cause when your natural, wash day is almost an entire day and that struggle is really real especially when you have some length.
Groupon is also great for gifting its the perfect place to stretch your gifting dollars.You can find a great deal on a massage package or  a mani and pedi to gift  to a new mom or an overworked Blogger friend (hint Hint). The best part of Groupon is that its open to all, no memberships and or subscription required. Go find great health, beauty and wellness deals on Groupon Here.

Where do you find great affordable gifts?

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine

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