Five Things You Will Love Too Vol. 4

When I first started this blog I did a few 5 Things posts, I always loved the idea, (got it from a fellow Blogger) because in a way its like a diary. The antidote for those moments when you look back at an old photo and wonder what you were thinking. This will be the third installment (see third Here) of hopefully two one more in 2016.

A Youtuber I Am Loving
Right now it has to be Style operator she is also a blogger but I really love her hauls and styling videos. Her voice sounds like velvet and after watching her video, I’m dying to add so many pieces to my closet. She has def amplified my LOVE for Zara (BTW did you know zara now carries XL)  by like a hundred percent. Check her out and Subscribe her channel its new.

My Favorite Outfit
When choosing favorite outfits I typically like to choose from the plus community but for this Look I had to make an exception. The look is my style to a tee its equal parts laid back, comfortable, but fresh; off course the fact that Kela was in Paris didn’t hurt either.  Soon after seeing the look I went on the hunt and lets just say that as we speak I not only have one but two Pleated metallic skirts 😁🙈.

Favorite Beauty/Lifestyle
Now some people may think this is TMI, but this is an item I use almost everyday. I went natural three years ago and I turned from an occasional Wig wearer to exclusively wearing Wigs. Creata girl is my goto because its very low maintenance, I can customize it to fit my face shape and its CHEAP (btw $15-$20).

Favorite Tv Show
Right now I would say its Exorcist which is peculiar because I typically dont like Network shows. The show is six episodes in so you can watch now and get a great sense of the show ; if you like supernatural type shows its definitely worth watching. Another show that has caught my eye is  Insecure, I was talking all about it on Snapchat and decided I would wait to binge watch it at the end of the season (fingers crossed).

Worthy Mentions
My Fall lookbook is now up on Youtube watch it to preview some of the looks ill be sharing in the next couple of weeks.  If  your not Subscribed Subscribe Here to keep up with my Videos it would mean alot to me. Also support us by checking out the review/styling Video I did in collaboration with Gwynnie bee, If there was any time to Join now is the time especially if you have occasion to attend this Holiday season. Speaking of the Holidays Ive updated the tabs up top to include a dedicated Holiday resource tab go click the tab for Shopping tips/tricks, Outfit ideas, Gift ideas/guides and so much more!!

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Psst…… what are you excited about right now ( books, blogs, make up, trends e.t.c)? Share with us in the comments below!!

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