How To Find The right Coat : HM Camel Coat and Snakeskin Midi Boots


I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect Camel coat for a couple of seasons. I scored this One in a sale two summers ago but the Boxy fit did nothing for my shape (will be included in closet sale  Join the mailing list for details) so I knew I needed to get another one. I remembered vaguely seeing on Instagram that one of the plus models was the face of the new HM studio collection, I was definitely intrigued. By the time I got a chance to check it out online almost everything was sold out, so I made a mental note that when I was in NY for Fashion Week that Id check it out (New York always gets the best stuff 😫).


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The entire trip was a whirlwind but on the last day I had some down time between a show and an event so I decided to hit up HM. As soon as I spotted the Coat I made a beeline for it and I started praying that the arms would fit, the jacket isnt plus. It fit so well, with room even that I had to Snap about it!

Tip: Your outerwear should fit just as well as your clothes try on as many as you need to in order to find the right fit an silhouette why? It’s the first thing anybody sees


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The Coat is probably one of my fav purchases of the year, so for this look I wanted it to be the star. I paired it with a black base (girlfriend Jeans and black top), Snakeskin midi boots and a black saddle bag.


Every woman needs a Wrap coat, (like This or This) it’s the perfect silhouette for most body types; because unlike other coats that tend to add bulk the belt on it cinches you in and creates some shape. Now if you have a straight or an Inverted triangle body type then a Boyfriend coat will work for you. Another coat that looks great on most is the car coat, finally if you’re pear shaped and even hourglassed shape stay clear of boyfriend styles.Looking for more info on coats, I filmed an Outerwear guide that should be up shortly on Youtube Subscribe Here so you know once its up. Also come back tomorrow AKA midnight EST for my Black Friday deals and steals round up. Finally with all the deals going on, this is truly the perfect time to splurge on some great outerwear if you choose to, don’t forget to use your Ebates to save even more.
Happy Thanksgiving😘
How often do you buy Coats? when buying what’s the most important thing after price, style?

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