Winter Basics : Grey Pumps & Grey Long LIne Cardigan


In today’s post, we are going to be talking Basics they are truly an underrated but essential part of your closet. If you are anything like me you are guilty of buying inexpensive basics and honestly it’s not the way to go. The fact is that basics never go out of style and if you’re stocked up on them you will never have to say “have nothing to wear” again well almost never.

Invest in basics in neutral colors 

Why? Typically neutral colors form the basis of most outfits hence they are the most worn. When you invest in them they last longer and wear better. Cost per wear, you need to spend your money, think higher grade cotton’s and wools luxury fabrics like Cashmere aren’t your thing. An added bonus your overall outfit will look more expensive.

Go monochrome 

Why? Wearing a color head to toe always looks Chic, its power dressing at its best. You look well put together, its ageless, sophisticated, typically slimming and if you took advice number one and invested in your basics you also look well dressed.

Invest in Tailoring

Why? Unless you’re investing in luxury brands or have a fit model chances are you’ll need to tailor structured basics. Everyone needs a Basic black coat preferably in two lengths, and a basic blazer in a neutral color. Although it’s an extra expense making that investment into the fit of piece by tailoring them will make all the difference and completely elevate your look.

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This look is comprised of basics and this is my “am trying but not really trying look” perfect for a warm winter day. Rather than lug a heavy coat I opted for a Knee length cardigan, a basic black tank, some basic distressed Jeans and the star of the show Lace up Pumps.
Why this outfit works: I played with proportions, a trick that makes any outfit look smart and I stuck with the same color palette.
I’ve learned the hard way that basics are a cornerstone especially when trying to style my trendier pieces. Here are the basics I’ve invested in this winter so far a striped Turtleneck, Knee length cardigans (in gray and black), Ankle boots in black and in a Printed neutral ( worn Here), heeled Over the Knee Boots finally😭 (worn Here). I also plan on investing in more Chunky Knits, definitely more sweats (thanks athleisure trend), flat Over The Knee and ankle boots.
Do you invest in Basics? How do you elevate them? What stores do you got to to get them?
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