How To Keep Your Make Up on When Its Hot

In today’s post, I wanted to address an issue a lot of us have during the summer when it comes to makeup and that is how to keep your Makeup on when its HOT!! As a blogger, I’m always searching for the perfect light and that means being outside sometimes in ninety plus degree weather to get the right shot. So I totally understand the struggles of having a face full of Makeup in the heat and I thought I would share five tips to help keep your makeup on when it’s hot.
First Tip: Less is more try to keep your products to a minimum this is not the time to layer on. Try an oil free Tinted moisturizer or if you are on the go a Stick Foundation. Stay away from greasy things like glosses or heavy creams. 
Second Tip: DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE even if you’re sweating even if it’s POURING down your face resist the urge to touch your face. Touching your face transfers bacteria but also your makeup. It doesn’t stay on your face which is where you want it. Instead, if you want to be outside for an extended period of time while it’s hot invest in a hand held Fan.
Third Tip: Use a primer!! I use the Becca ever matte primer but I am interested in the Illamasqua matte veil as well (Ive heard good things). 
I did want to mention a new beauty sensation it’s intended to help keep you matte all day and that is to put your powder on before your Makeup. The Logic behind it is simple, the powder acts as a base (in addition to your primer) that will absorb moisture and oils. So if it starts to get hot the powder will help reduce the effect of the heat (will mitigate the over production of oils).
ALSO did you hear about dipping your face in water with ICE CUBES 😰 the lengths we go to stay matte!!
Final Tip: Set everything you put on your face. If you put on a cream eyeshadow set it with a powder same thing for blush and your entire face. In my normal routine, I personally use the Ben Nye setting powder after my concealer. For setting my entire face I use Mac Mineralize Skinfinish in deep dark and top it all off with a makeup setting spray (the Gerald all day setting spray). M.S.F. is a great product because it gives you a glow without the grease.

Would love to hear from you should we do more beauty posts?


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