Top 5 pieces to shop for right now

must have 2017 fall and winter fashion

In today’s post ill be sharing the top 5 pieces to shop for right now. These are the pieces that will either be staples in your wardrobe or those must-have trend pieces that are sure to sell out. Before I go into them though one thing I do almost every time the season changes is to edit my wardrobe. It helps me narrow down my purchases for the upcoming season, saves me money as well as helps me declutter. A good place to start when you are new to this (editing) is with a checklist I’ll be sending out one this week via my Newsletter Subscribe Here.

The first piece you need is a Check/Plaid Blazer (staple). I’ve seen this on a lot of it fashion girls and im kinda mad that I didn’t have the check blazer on my radar sooner this is def a piece that you can thrift if lucky. If not here are a few options. BTW the more androgynous the better

The next piece you need is something Red (staple). I prefer accessories and footwear (like these sock boots)because they are the most versatile they can be re-worn with numerous outfits. Included in the red family is pink I’ve heard from the grapevine that fuschia pink is one to watch.

The next piece is a Hoodie  (staple & trend piece) I know I know if you are like me you probably only own one or none. I’ve been seeing the resurgence of hoodies amongst street style stars pair it with feminine or structured pieces like under the aforementioned check blazer or on top of a floral dress with some kicks it sounds crazy but it works.

The next piece is a structured Coat (staple) just like with the blazer this goes hand in hand with the suiting trend. A tailored knee/midi length coat ( this one has a feather trim 🙌🏾 )preferably a double-breasted style is a must for autumn and winter (extra points if its in a heritage print like THIS )

The final piece is something in Vinyl, this trend isn’t for the faint of heart but it has been adopted by street style stars like Miroslava Duma. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on this you can pick pieces up at fast fashion sites like forever21, boohoo and even target. I picked up this vinyl skirt from forevr21 and I have my eye on this Vinyl trench from Target.

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