5 Simple Ways To Break Out Of A Style Rut

The turtleneck is a winter must-have #classic don’t you agree? They can be a little basic so when I saw this fun one I figured why not give it a try. I paired it with a pair of kick flares (run big) white boots and a leather jacket. It was really cold on this day but with most exposed surfaces covered I was both warmish & stylish.

I typically include one to two trends per outfit. But certainly not four especially ones I am testing out (can you spot the trends?). I noticed that since turning 30 my style has gotten a lot less adventurous. It can be really easy to fall into a style rut it’s important to make a proactive effort to try new things. Because in reality, people do judge a book by its cover and the last thing you want to be is #dated.

Here are a few tips to help keep break out of a style rut

  • Start with smaller tweaks switch up your accessories try something current/fresh like this fresh take on cat eye sunglasses
  • Once you are comfortable with a trend invest a little bit more but remember trends are fleeting so don’t break the bank , cause trends come & go
  • Look for updated classics: fresh takes on pieces you already, for example, a trench or pumps (kitten heels are all the rage)
  • If all else fails look for inspiration from your favorite style stars, look to see how they where it & mimic
  • Capture the look take a photo of you in it, let things sink in, it may feel alien at first but chances are it will grow on you

Finally, remember its fashion don’t take things too seriously. If it doesn’t work move on to next.

So how did I do guys? Have I convinced you to try white boots or rainbow stripes let me know in the comments?

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