5 Lessons I’ve Learned

eloquii rainbow sequin dress outfit

If it’s your Birthday make some noise!!! It’s my birthday guys and I am so happy to be sharing it with you, your support is soo invaluable to me. If your looking for a birthday dress (outfit) you cant go wrong with sequin am I right! Typically with posts like this folks give some form of advice so these posts seem less vain #beinghonest.

However, I always wonder if people actually read them lol! I am thirty-two (child I can’t believe it) & no I will not be sharing thirty-two things I learned in the last thirty-two years. I figured I’d spare both of us the pain however, I will share five so here we go.

  • Give! and without expectation or you will be disappointed
  • Not everyone will get you and your dreams and that’s ok
  • Rome really wasn’t built in a day don’t let the internet fool you
  • Really genuine adults are hard to find so don’t take the ones in your life for granted
  • God does the impossible soo be still & know that he is God

In case you were wondering the dress is c/o Eloquii (currently 50% off) got it around the holidays, is pretty TTS except for the arms if you have bigger arms beware!! Clutch is a recent purchase everything else you’ve seen before.

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