Make Time For Self Care With These 5 Tips

brown leather jacket outfit I SELF CARE

Todays post is all about the importance of self-care. Apparently, self-care seems to be a current buzz word my question is why now. I’d venture to say that in the US its because we’ve come to a point where we’ve realized that there is no reward in burning out. Our consistent pursuit to keep up with the Joneses and the facade of having more (thanks to credit) keep us burning the midnight oil hustling to attain this increasingly elusive American dream.

brown leather jacket outfit I SELF CARE

People are falling apart, even children! and we were all too busy to notice but I think a tide is starting to turn and we are finally realizing its ok to care for our selves. A wise person once said self-care isnt selfishness, moms this directed at you!

Here are 5 ways to incorporate self-care into your routine

  • Start by writing down your ideal day make sure to include your ideal morning and night time routine. Now this day may look drastically different from your real life but pick out the things from that day you can incorporate now.
  •  Now is the time to schedule it schedule out time no matter how busy you are for me time (see first bullet). Cant block out 60 minutes how about 5-10-15 make it a routine.
  • Still short on time sneak it in make use of your commute, in line waiting for your oil to be changed or at the doctor’s office use the time to listen to your fav podcast or practice deep breathing (i.e not worrying).
  • Set a wind-down alarm an 1hr-1 1/2 before your actual sleep time use that time to de-stress. Do your nighttime routine, workout, read a book or plan out your schedule for the next day or month.

  • Finally think ahead make sure to plan out the time-intensive activities that make you happy like date nights, hair/nail/wax appointments, meal prep, vacations etc. If you cant afford something like to go to a fancy spa DIY it, you could even enlist a BFF.

P.s. one thing I’ve started doing is praying before opening my eyes then going straight to my daily devotional app its called first 5. Its a small change but I’ve found it keeps me more focused on God throughout the day.

brown leather jacket outfit I SELF CARE

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