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Hi Chicsters today’s post is all about Spring Fashion. A new season means new trends and as a fashion enthusiast its one of the things I look forward to. I’ll be sharing the top five wearable (plus size friendly)  yet affordable trends for spring & summer 2018. without further ado, lets get into it….

  • Pastels
    • pastels come in every spring without fail, Im starting to think the culprit is easter with its eggs. pastels are easy to incorporate because they are so feminine and light and are a breath of fresh air and a break from winters saturated hues.
    • This seasons pastel color to have is lavender it pairs well with other pastels as well as neutrals or if you want go bold head to toe. Another way to incorporate pastels is with a suit it ties in the menswear trend that is still going strong from last season and is a foolproof way to try the trend.
  • Brights 
    • continuing on with color another top trend is the brights trend think of all of your primary colors worn together. You can do it head to toe in a striped dress or wear a tee with a couple colors mixed or wear the colors separately from head to toe. This season’s bright color to have is Yellow I’m quite partial to mustard it just pops on brown skin. You could also reach for cobalt and fuschia pink as well.

spring 18 trend pastels Mskristine @mskristine

Tip: Colors are the easiest to incorporate which is why I started with them. Nine times out of ten you can pull them already from your wardrobe or find them second hand at thrift stores and vintage shops.

  • Accessories: I will do a dedicated post on this but here are a few
    • Belt bags (AKA fanny packs) are making a big debut and they are no longer a fringe trend love them or hate them this is the summer of the fanny pack
    • Skinny shades I honestly did not think this trend would break through I saw them last summer on the likes of Chriselle Lim & Amiee Song and I totally dismissed them. Boy was I wrong they are everywhere now as they say its ugly until Rihanna wears it.
    •  Raphia/straw/wooden bags are the MVP’s of spring and summer 18 if you buy only one new accessory buy this because the fashionistas have spoken and this is one of the most beloved trends. Trust and believe that you will be seeing me rock it more times than you might like.


Tip: If your looking to update your existing wardrobe for spring without breaking the bank or are happy with it as is then accessories are the foolproof way to go. Updating your bags, shoes, jewelry and or sunglasses can do wonders for your style.

  • Check / Plaid
    • A carry-over from fall these heritage prints are going nowhere ( as seen at Balenciaga) and continue to be a force because of the strong menswear influence that is having a moment in fashion. This season’s print to have Gingham this print never truly goes out of style, pair it with mustard, lavender, floral print you name it. 
  • Polka dot
    • The other big print for the season as seen at Dior and Valentino. Polka dots give off a quirky yet feminine vibe, worn in a skirt, bodysuit, dress, jacket even pants it’s such a fun print to wear. You can pair it with brights as well as pastels and even with gingham. Additionally, it doesn’t have to be black & white red or even multi-colored polka dots work as well.
  • Athleisure
    • Couldn’t do a trend round-up without mentioning it. The athleisure trend has been around now for some time but its popularity waned a bit. I’d say its on an upswing this season a nod to the trend that we are seeing everywhere is stripes on the sides of pants and not just track pant, on jeans, workwear etc. Another trend that is closely related is the cargo pant that we are seeing on all our fav style stars.

spring-18-trends-polka-dots @stylemesamira

There are so many trends right now that this post could go on forever. What I like about this moment in fashion is that there is no longer an “it list” people are wearing what speaks to them and you should too. These are our top trends but my biggest tip when it comes to rocking trends is to choose what works with your style and body & run with it. For example, I didn’t mention ruffles or high waist bottoms but those are two trends I’m buying into seriously. 


Need style inspiration for these trends stay tuned lots more to come…

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