7 Steps To Staying Motivated After Disappointment

Hi, Chicsters today’s post is all about motivation. Our overarching goal here at Supplechic is the empowerment of women and its not farfetched to say that when you are motivated you are empowered. Today’s post is in collaboration with Asos if you have been reading this blog for some time you already know how I feel about the brand but did you know they released an in-house Activewear line 4505 and they didn’t forget about us curvy gals. Love how Asos always tries to be inclusive with all of their collections.

I figured if you are like me and have had challenges with your weight you are probably familiar with not meeting your goals in this area. Whether it is at the beginning of the year when you make your resolutions, or right after a doctors appointment or even just one night as you look at your reflection after a shower. We’ve all made promises to our selves at one point or another that we will start working out, start a new diet, eat cleaner and leaner.

Sometimes we start it and we have a particularly bad day or not and 4 months later we find our selves still at the same point. That got me thinking about today’s question so how do you stay/remain motivated after disappointment?

Step One is to decide to get back at it

Step Two reassess the situation

Step Three realize that it only becomes a failure if you stop now ( don’t be a victim)

Step Four figure out what went wrong, what can/needs to be changed,

Step Five  fix your attitude look for motivation killing behaviors like comparing your self to others

Step Six Look for the lesson, the silver lining in the situation

Step Seven Finally go back to the beginning, find your grit why did you set this target? Why do you want to meet this target? If this is truly important to you this will give you that second wind to get back at it.

Sidebar after blogging for over 5 years I have still not reached my goal of being a full-time content creator but Im still working at it because I low key love creating content. I get frustrated it challenges me sometimes, especially when I see others success at making the transition but it’s like an obsession. At times, however, I find myself wrestling with it sometimes because I always wonder if its healthy in relation to my faith & God. The whole 10 commandments you will have no other GOD but me comes to mind, then I start to wonder if I rely on this dream more than I should…

I could write a separate post on that but this post is already long enough if you have made it this far give yourself a pat on the back I appreciate you! Id love it if you would share your tips on staying motivated & your successes (testimony) as well it could really be the turning point for someone else!

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Have an amazing day 💥



  1. MissEbony2U
    May 9, 2018 / 12:27 am

    Your dedication is amazing. I love that you make these posts deeper than fashion. I don’t comment as often as I probably could but I love posts like this. This was actually confirmation for something I’m going through as I struggle with feelings of relying on my job as well. Although I don’t even like my job 😩

    • chichi
      May 9, 2018 / 12:25 pm

      Hi boo! I honestly wrote this as much for myself as for you guys it can be really frustrating when your life doesn’t match your timeline but the quote “this too shall pass” come to mind. What most people don’t realize is that blogging is more than a full-time job but the economics, especially for women of color, can make it kinda hard to go full time especially if you don’t live in a city like New York or LA. Really appreciate the feedback sometimes I wonder if people ever read these long-winded posts!

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