Master The Music Festival Concert Outfit With These Tips

Hi, Chicsters Today’s post is all about what to wear to a Music Festival/ Concert. With Coachella less than a week away its safe to say its the start of the outdoor concert season. From Coachella to Lollapalooza to Afro-punk to Bonnaroo to Essence fest and even ONTR II there are SOOO many outdoor music events to dress for.

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Here are 3 tried & true Tips for dressing for a Music Festival/Concert

Be weatherproof: depending on the location it may be hot and dry one moment and cold & wet another make sure you wear/bring clothing that can adapt. We suggest waterproof-ish outerwear like an anorak (like this & this).

Comfortable yet cute: If you are headed to a music festival nine times out of ten you’ll be standing/walking for long stretches of time unless you’re in VVIP so make sure you make smart choices with footwear. We recommend you go for close-toed shoes to prevent being stepped on.

Make sure you can breathe: choose breathable lightweight natural fabrics like cotton & linen these fabrics will let your skin breathe and keep perspiration at a minimum. Don’t forget to stay hydrated and to bring things like chafe gel & deodorant wipes to keep fresh for the duration of the event.

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