Master Your Spring Capsule Wardrobe With These Top 5 Spring Closet Staples

forever 21 plus chiffon trench coat outfit

_chiffon trench coat outfit

spring chiffon trench coat outfit

top 5 spring staples forever 21 plus chiffon trench outfit

spring staples plus-chiffon trench outfit

top 5 spring staples forever 21 plus chiffon trench coat outfit

top spring staples plus size outfit

_Staples forever 21 plus trench

Today's post is all about spring closet staples. Let's call them updated essentials if you are subscribed to the newsletter I'm sure you recall getting our spring wardrobe checklist. In today's post, we've decided to drill down further.

If you watched my Asos Haul you would have seen that I was looking for a trench I spotted this one at Forever21 for much less so I thought I'd give it a try quality wise they don't compare $40 vs $120. But for the most part, they give off the same vibe. I paired it with a red tank high waisted straight jeans and my go-to nude pumps. A color combo that always works is millennial pink & a tomato red.

Here are the items you will need year after year rain or shine to build the perfect spring outfits.

The trench

thanks to Burberry this style of coat has become a classic did you know they were originally designed for aviators. Every season we see a variation on this style but if you haven't invested in one go for a classic like this one from london fog. Now if you want to have a little fun you can go for a print, one in chiffon or a deconstructed version.

White Tee

This an item you need all year round more so in the spring & summer because it just goes with everything including a lighter color palette. White tees come at different price points from $3 to $300 when you spend more you typically get a longer shelf life.  When I found this tee I ditched $5 tees from Forever21 I love it so much I even did a blog post on it.

Denim Jacket

This is another Item that really should be in rotation all year round it also pairs really well with a white tee. As the weather makes its transition you need outerwear on hand that's not too heavy but will keep you warm when temps dip. This year its all about the collarless jacket like the white tee price points vary. My go-to jacket is from Old Navy but both Gap & Levis make great ones as well. If you already have a blue denim jacket consider investing in a white version.

Lighter Colored Handbag

Spring means a lighter colored wardrobe palette which means one has to ditch the typical black handbag. The classic choice would be a cognac colored crossbody or tote. However, if you want to break away from that a dusty rose/millennial pink colored bag will work just as well as a cognac.


Every year there are trending eyewear styles however it important to invest in a classic pair. A pair of Rayban aviators are classic and never go out of style. Go through the trouble of finding out what frames work best for your shape & then invest in a sturdy pair (they dont have to be $500 just sturdy).

Bonus Item

A transitional shoe every year we have a version thats on trend this year I'd say its the mule its closed toed but still open in the back so if it gets hot your feet don't overheat and if you haven't quite made it to the nail salon no one needs to know.

These are our top 5 spring staples we would like to hear from you below what your must-haves are?

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