Did You Know This? Plus Monthly News Round Up: VOL 3

British vogue blew us away with so much beauty and diversity. Seeing so many different shapes and shades of brown was such a beautiful thing. Especially from a Iconic brand like Vogue, there is nothing like being able to see your yourself in these women, it almost like high fashion finally acknowledged our existence and its about time. For many girls/ women finally seeing themselves can give them that boost of confidence they’ve been needing. We sincerely hope its not a trend and that it’s here to stay!!

Ashley Neal Tipton nailed it with this collaboration. Does anyone else despise wearing dresses while having to deal with the aftermath of chub rub? No more buying products and creams for your thighs that constantly need re-application. Thanks to these bandelettes .  We’ve heard they are truly a life saver, or should I say thigh saver. They are so cute and comes in so many colors. I’m so into it.

#modeldiversityproject things like this are so important. Making everyone feel equal and beautiful no matter how light or dark you are. Thick or slim, short or tall everyone deserves to see themselves in a magazine or commercial. I commend Liris Crosse who was on Project Runway fame and celebrity makeup artist Christopher Michael, for launching the Model Diversity Project.

jibri spring 18 plus newsAre you guys ready to be hit with a whirlwind of color?  Jibri’s latest collection is so fun and flowy. Everything looks so stylish yet comfortable. I’m also getting a 80s vibe here and there. This collection has so many unique pieces that will definitely get you out your comfort zone. It definitely puts a smile on your face seeing this unique style and color
So by the looks of Rihanna’s IG she is dropping hints. Rumor has it that she will be coming out with a plus size lingerie line. Comments from her fans reached a fever pitch when she posted a hint on her page a few days ago. First come FENTY beauty now Savage Riri is definitely taking over.

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