Everything You Actually Need For A Weekend Getaway

white jean vacation outfit plus size

The 4th is in the middle of the week this year bummer! However, if you happen to be spending a weekend away in the foreseeable future these are the top 5 things you need to pack, something flowy, accent accessories, hands-free purse, slides, and something formal.

Okay, guys first things first summer is finally here so I would recommend something light and flowy like rompers wide leg pants or even an everywhere maxi. Just easy pieces to through on and still look cute. Especially if your expecting to be in the sun it has been scorching these last couple of days.

Quick Shopping Tip: If your shopping for an occasion, vacation, or just a night out shop websites have tabs to fit those themes it makes it really easy and cuts down on your search time.

To cut down on packing picking accessories that go with everything is a must. If you know you want an accent color pick one color for everything purses, shades, shoes, and jewelry. That way you get multiple wears out of each item.

When traveling picking your bag is very important you want something hands free something that will hold everything you need like a tote and maybe something fancier if you’re going to something formal. Last but not least when packing shoes are very important too. You want something you can wear all day and can go with everything you’ve packed. Slides and mules definitely check both boxes they are a go to and a summer staple.         

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