Hundred Dollar Hauls : Back To School Outfit Edition

Hi, Chicsters today’s post is all about Back To School outfits. I know in some circles even the slight mention of going back to school is taboo, no matter your feeling on the subject its fast approaching so we thought why not create a mini- shopping series of posts featuring some of our favorite budget-friendly stores.

If you are on youtube you know style hauls /challenges are pretty big so I thought why not combine the two. We set out to create complete outfits from a specific retailer (today’s is Forever 21) without spending over $100 bucks and since we love to be visual we also created a style board for each. The total cost for this look came to $76.66 if you throw in this denim tote or this geometric one we would still be under $100. So how did we do? If you would like we can update this post to include up to 2 more STYLE widgets for even more ideas? We want your feedback so please comment below. 

forever 21 back to school style picks budget finds

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