Top 3 Summer Sunnies I Can’t Stop Wearing

Hi, Chicsters today post is all about eyewear specifically sunglasses. Now am sure some of you are thinking “sis” weren’t you just talking about fall trends yes I was, however, I wear sunglasses year round and you should too. But the reason I’m sharing this now is that its the end of the summer and I believe you will get the most bang for your buck (especially with high-end pairs) because of all the end of summer sales.

With so many sunglass styles is the market it can be a little confusing and if there was ever an accessory to get wrong and right its sunglasses. They have the unique ability to date and level up and outfit in seconds.  Quick tip to keep in mind is that some sunglasses can be paired with dressy and casual looks while others should be reserved only for dressy looks (watch video for more on sunglasses).

Here are the top 3 sunglasses you need this year!


Cat Eye


top three sunglass picks 2018

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