Labor Day Sale Shopping Secrets + Tips

labor day sales 2018 shopping secrets

Hi, Chicsters today’s post is all about how to shop Labor Day Sales.  Labor day is about a week away and it ushers in the unofficial start of the fall season and I’m not mad about it because new season equals new fashions.  So in today’s post ill be sharing the best way to shop the sale, the best things to buy & how to make the most of your budget.  Now one of the best things about labor day is that its a three day weekend which means you have an extra day to shop! so use that strategically here are the best shopping secrets + tips so you can get the most bang for your buck.

Best items to buy Labor Day Sales 2018

  • Buy Ever green summer picks, by that I mean items that will be used year after year, examples include tank tops, flip-flops, shorts, shirt dresses, swimwear. But don’t limit your self to just fashion think summer decor & accessories, home improvement (paint, tools), camping gear, barbecue grills, and supplies.
  • Labor tends to be the towards the end of the back to school retail period wait till the last day of the sale to score big-ticket back to school supplies like laptops & phones even dorm decor. Retailers will want to start thinning out there inventory & may slash prices even further to entice you.
  • Also, this is the best time to get those fall pieces you might have wanted last fall & winter but missed out on. Though the sales may not be as fantastic you will get some savings without running the risk of the items going out of stock. Example wide calf over the knee boots, and plus size outerwear.
  • This is also the best time to but Luxury because its a new season retailers are trying to get rid of past season stock so if you’ve been eyeing that pair of Gucci sunglasses or want to treat your self to a designer bag or belt for a fraction of the price now is the time.

Shopping Tips for Labor Day Sales 2018

  • First things first before you start shopping make a list of what you want this is essential to sticking to your budget & maximizing your funds.
  • Be sure to compare prices it’s as simple as typing in what you are looking for into google and going from there. You can also use apps like Shop Savy Smoopa and shop advisor. Price match! after you have found the best price if you want to shop from a specific retailer maybe because they offer free shipping or for whatever reason check for a price match policy most of them have one. You might even get an additional discount.
  • Finally, categorize by need decide the things you must get and the things you can wait on this matters because sometimes retailers slash prices even more towards the end of the sale to get rid of inventory. So if you wait you might just end up scoring an item for 75-90% off retail.

This summer went by so fast can you believe its already fall! Fall happens to be one of my favorite fashion seasons so Im excited. Whats your favorite?

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