Five Reasons To Ditch Black Friday For Cyber Monday

5 reasons to ditch black friday shoppingphoto via Thriftandthreads blog

Hi, Chicsters today’s post is going to be all about Black Friday and Cyber Monday. For many people participating in Black Friday is like a family tradition after spending hours stuffing your face with Thanksgiving dinner you participate in what I call an olympic style shopping event to burn off those extra calories while bonding and making great memories with family. However, if Black Friday is more about shopping and finding deals and less about bonding then today’s post is for you! I’ll be sharing with you five reasons to ditch Black Friday and fully embrace Cyber Monday.


  • Reason number one you get to shop both brick and mortar stores as well as online-only stores. This works to your favor because there is more competition and it’s fierce and so are the deals.
  • Reason number two you can comparison shop with ease using Google or apps like, I don’t know about you but I can’t be in two places at once during Black Friday it’s almost an impossible feat to go from store to store to compare prices
  • Reason three you can also prepare in advance by adding favored items to your cart, once the promotion starts with two clicks you’re checked out. Did I mention it’s also efficient if you’re pressed for time in minutes you can easily go on to your favorite retailer site and find out if something is available for purchase?
  • Reason number four you get additional discounts some items are additionally discounted because they didn’t sell during Black Friday retailers don’t want to be stuck with additional so they sweeten the pot. You can also use cashback websites like Ebates for even deeper discounts!
  • The last and final reason I choose Cyber Monday is simply because I can shop in my PJs under the covers laying in my favorite nook if that’s not enough reason I don’t know what!

The only real con to online shopping is the return process, you’re in luck though because most stores give around a 90 day return window around the holidays. Despite this con when I think of all the pro’s its a no-brainer. You can shop online deals from Black Friday to Cyber Monday this year work smart not hard shop Cyber weekend.

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Bookmark this page it will be updated once the Cyber Weekend Deals start rolling in. I’m curious last year did you buy anything for your self during Cyber weekend?

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