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whats next in 2019

Hi Chicsters, today’s post is about what to expect from Supplechic in the next year. I’m sure you are wondering why this post is coming now well its simple I’m starting a new year it was my birthday last week Tuesday.

whats next in 2019

January was a funny month for me & this was a post I intended to write I didn’t want to put it off. I know some of you have been reading this blog for several years and before we begin I just want to share how much I appreciate YOU!

Now some of you may be new so I thought I’d answer some basic FAQ’s

  • Who am I? My name is Chichi & Im somewhat of a Style Expert
  • What do I do? I help women by empowering them to feel confident and comfortable in their skin through style
  • Who is my target? women between age 18-40 but please if you dont fall within that age range your welcome too. I just find that women tend to resonate more with women who represent them.
  • What’s the benefit Here? My aim to help you build confidence, make better style choices and to provide you with a lot of outfit inspiration.

Late last year I took some time to reflect on my goals for this blog and its purpose and its value. With the advent microblogging via Instagram and platforms like Liketoknowit I had to ask should I still be Blogging? The answer, for now, is still yes after all that reflecting and the shorthand version of my purpose is : helping curvy women build confidence, feel comfortable while creating a cohesive curated CHIC Wardrobe one outfit Inspo at a time.

whats next in 2019

With that in mind, I’ve made some changes to my content on YouTube, and Instagram. You can expect more styling videos on Youtube, on Instagram we’ve started Style Tip Tuesdays and What To Wear Wednesdays.

Just every other platform I’m on the blog, most importantly, you can expect to feel confident, empowered and inspired to live your best life after visiting because that is my #1 goal. I want the photos and stories I share to help women feel beautiful and encouraged to be their absolute best self.

I am not perfect by all means and I’m not striving for perfection in 2019 either. I am striving for balance, authenticity and the ability to put all of my time to the aforementioned goal. Never hesitate to shoot me an email for more insight on a specific subject that I’ve covered on my blog. You can even email me with blog post requests, sizing info, hacks. I am happy to answer your questions.

whats next in 2019

Not sure why I hesitated so much to write this post but I’m glad It’s done. I am grateful for this new year and that I continue to have the privilege of being on this journey with you. Finally, I just want to thank everyone who took the time to send me birthday wishes I appreciate YOU!!

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