5 Things They Don’t Tell You About Being A Girl Boss

how to be a girl boss

Hi Chicsters, happy International Women’s Day! If you are anything like me your pretty hard on your self so I hope today you take a moment to reflect on everything you & women as a whole have accomplished thus far and give yourself a pat on the back!

Now more than any moment in history women have more freedom to live life as they see fit. I know this freedom isnt evenly distributed and that even in the most liberal societies the after taste of misogyny still permeates.

A perfect example of such a sector would be in business largely the financial sector is still pretty much a boys club! Women typically aren’t groomed with entrepreneurship in mind so trying to start a business a profitable business as a woman & a woman of color is no small feat! Many successful women will tell you it is a game of trial & error. But it has to be done so in today’s post I’ll be sharing 5 things they don’t tell you about being a Girl Boss AKA Entrepreneurship!

  • First thing the dont tell you about entrepreneurship “overnight” successes are rare, there’s an incredibly unsexy side to building a business from scratch (No Sick Days)!!!
  • Second thing they don’t tell you about entrepreneurship becoming an entrepreneur means putting failure on the table. There are no guarantees of success there is no timeline, your income will be unstable or unpredictable
  • Third thing starting a business is a little bit like having a child, at its infancy will need put in that additional energy (labor) you will have increased working hours (tending for a newborn) you will need to learn how to still produced under pressure
  • Fourth thing: You will need your people, you will be required to make something out of nothing at the beginning. You will need to stretch your resources that will include calling on family and friends to perform services. You will also need to build a network that you can trade & barter services with & bounce ideas off of!
  • You will need to know the cost of doing business, even though I’m just starting this what is the worth of the service I’m providing what is the actual cost. Furthermore how much do I need to take home to make ends meet? Factor that into the cost as well.

Full disclaimer I am what I call a Fauxprenuer because I’m not yet a full-time entrepreneur. I only recently admitted publicly that owning a business of my own was something I actually wanted. But after working on a side hustle for several years I can say that I’ve had an ample taste.

how to be a girl boss in 2019 + asos curve outfit


Its only fitting that last year’s theme for International Women’s month was “Nevertheless She Persisted” and this year is “Visionary Women” because you will need both persistence & vision to make it as a Shepreneur.

Finally, in case there was any doubt that girls do it better let me leave you with a quote from Ms. Carter “We’re smart enough to make these millions / Smart enough to bear these children / Then get back to business.”

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