GET THE LOOK FOR LESS: Celine Alphabet Necklace

get the look for less Celine alphabet necklace dupe

The second I noticed the alphabet necklace trend I knew it was a movement I wanted to be a part of. As someone who has had several name, alphabet & initial necklaces over the years the Celine Alphabet Necklace was right up my alley! What made this necklace standout was how maximalist it was the letters are so chunky but not only that textured! It says I have arrived and over the last year, I’ve seen it on the necks of more fashionistas than I can count!

Unlike every other name, alphabet & initial necklace I’d had in the past, this one was over $300 that was a no beuno. Imagine my surprise when I found a look for less for the Celine Alphabet Necklace for only $15 that’s like 95% off and it gets even better because the dupe comes in both silver and gold!!

get the look for less Celine alphabet necklace dupe

Would you rather buy the original version at $300 or save with the $15 version? Either case get yours today click HERE to SHOP!!

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