How To Build & Make Friends As An Adult

Hi Chicsters, Today’s post is all about friends essentially how to make friends as an adult. March was women’s month and there are two things I’ve noticed as an adult woman. One it’s hard to make friends as an adult & two successful women have a network strong women around them. As my mother will remind me consistently no man is an Island or shall we say wman.

So why is it so hard to make friends as adults. Why where friendships so easy as children? There are a million reasons, less time, distrust from failed friendships, social media etc. Rather than lamenting I thought I’d share a solution to the problem so here are three tips you can implement now to make friends as adult.

  • Attend interest based events: When you are at an interest based event you are sure you have at least one thing is common your love for chrotcet, photography, asian cuisine etc. Its easy to start conversations and find out more of what you have in common
  • Go alone: If you are in the market for new friends, going to events is only part of the solution when you go with friends your in your comfort zone you feel no need to mingle. Going alone forces you to be open people are much lickly to approach & vise versa.
  • Wear something interesting: Its an instant conversation starter makes it easy for the person coming up to you to have an opening. It also doubles an easy segue when the conversation stalls.

Have you found making friends as an adult easy or hard? Share any tips you have down below

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