Five Essential Items Most People Forget To Pack


Hi Chicsters, Its about to be the official start of summer Memorial Day is literally around the corner. Its a three day weekend so I know many of you may have chosen to take advantage and booked a mini getaway.

While I will either be decluttering or packing (long story) I figured I'd write this post for those of you who are getting away this weekend or have getaways planned in the near future! These products have literally saved me so many times that I would truly be doing you a disservice by not sharing!

  • The number one item that we literally need all summer long and especially during vacation CHAFE BLOCKER! This is also an item that can easily be forgotten in the midst of packing more exciting things. But if you plan on doing anything other than laying in your hotel bed this product can literally make or break you! There are a few brands to chose from my personal fav Monistat but I've also heard a lot of buzz around the Mega babe brand (it gets extra points for being owned by a body positive warrior)
  • When you see videos of people in exotic places there are two things the pictures never convey the bugs and the temperature. To help with the former a HAND HELD FAN is essential whether its manual or battery powered do yourself a favor BRING ONE!
  • Have you tried buying groceries or going to a pharmacy in a foreign country especially one where English is not spoken? Do yourself another favor pack NON PRESCRIPTION MEDS like Tums, IBprofen, Imodium, even include (melatonin) to help with the Jetlag. For those of you going YOLO to this point remember that Americans use a system of measurement most of the world does not. Also, remember that even when the labels of most medicines are in English you don't always understand what half the ingredients are. Now imagine the added effect of a language barrier.
  • This one was kinda hard for me because I had to choose between wipes or tissue. In the united states, we are accustomed to entering bathrooms finding running water and tissue. If we have to wipe our hands or sneeze its always available. This is not so in many parts of the world where articles like this are considered a privilege. Please pack WIPES if your going on a tropical vacay it gets hot, which means sweat then there is sand and dust and a host of new germs your body isn't used to. Keep WIPES on hand to clean your face, hands, the table or stall you are about to use, it's just essential.
  • So I've done several posts on what to pack on vacation check em out here and here. With baggage limits becoming more restrictive by the moment you need to pack smart you need pieces that can multi-task. There isn't a piece of clothing that can multitask on a vacation like a WHITE SHIRT DRESS. You can wear it on the plane, to dinner, to the beach as cover-up and if push comes to shove as a shirt tied up and worn with a pair of shorts I mean she is the real MVP

How do you pack for a trip? Do you do a list or do you just open up your suitcase and wing it?

Well guys this is it this is the list of five essential items most people forget to pack. Like today’s post SHARE it with a friend, also be sure to sign up for our Newsletter for exclusive content and upcoming happenings; follow this blog on Bloglovin so you never miss a post.

5 travel essentials everyone should pack from supplechic a fashion and lifestyle blog based out of Baltimore

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