Get That Raise With These Seven Proven Girlboss Hacks


Hi, Chicsters today’s post is all about leveling up at work. I’ll be sharing qualities/hacks that will get you noticed at work which will hopefully lead to getting that raise.


It’s not a secret that men make more than women, I believe its 70 cents for every dollar. Not sure why this disparity still exists maybe its because women are still expected to be seen and not heard or because society still hasn’t fully accepted the idea of a strong driven woman ( still salty about the 2016 election) either way we have aways to go. So hopefully these tips will help you navigate the world of work and give you the motivation to demand your worth!

Have a Positive Outlook

positivity and joy are contagious it makes people want to be around you and it associative when people think of what’s good about your work place you come to mind and that goes a long way in social capital.

Be Eager to Learn

With the rate, technology moves these days being adaptive is an asset every employer looks for being eager to learn allows you to anticipate upcoming changes and makes you part of the cream of the crop.

Become the go-to girl

be the go-to guy for something when people need that thing they come to you. This association will assign value to you and in the long run, can be cashed in.

Know your value

It’s important to know what you bring to the table it allows you to be confident in the work you are doing but also removes any added pressure to compete.

Set Career Goals

This will be your guide as to what projects you take, on what associations you make and who you choose to be your mentor.

Be Your Own Cheerleader

Save your testimonials, make your wins visible, share what you’ve learned, when assigned new responsibilities make it known  I am sure you’ve heard the quote the emptiest barrels make the loudest noise but when it come to getting that raise there is absolutely nothing wrong with being your own cheerleader 

Finally Know your boss

Anticipate there needs, and wants and be on hand to lend a hand without being asked.

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  1. Michsi
    September 23, 2019 / 3:33 pm

    I really love this suit! These are great tips especially keeping up with technology! There is so much out there coming out everyday, it’s important to be active and self train, or even ask your job to train you as well to have that asset.

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