5 Ways To Fix An Ill-Fitting Dress

FIX A DRESS - embroidered button through mini tea dress

Hi Chicsters, today's post is all about how to fix an ill-fitting dress unless you have all of your dresses custom made or have a perfect hourglass shape you have probably encountered this issue. Being plus size and having a pear shape I always encounter having dresses fit one part of my body and not the other.

I've spoken several times about fit and the importance of getting your pieces tailored but when you are in a crunch or are on a budget this is not always an option. So I hope these tips will come in handy.

FIX A DRESS DETAILS - embroidered button through mini tea dress

What do you do if a dress is too big; you have two options first belt it second add a stitch in the back have someone pinch the dress at the center back and either use a safety pin or stitch. remember the dresses from the 90's  with the ties in the back same idea.

What do you do if a dress is too short you have two options first you can either put something over it that is longer like a long line sleeveless vest, a boyfriend denim jacket, or an oversized blazer. Another option would be to wear something under it. Most days if I'm wearing a dress or skirt I'm wearing biker shorts however when you are wearing something that is shorter than you are comfortable with it becomes necessary. You can pair the dress with pants something the style stars are known for its very chic when done right or you can simply opt for biker shorts.

What do you do if a dress is too tight? Maybe you shrunk it or hadn't worn it in a while and it's your only option. Just like in the previous situation putting something over it is usually the answer. Specifically something looser a boyfriend denim jacket, a kimono or an oversized blazer. There is something about playing with the two silhouettes tight and loose that help to balance things out.

Can you guess what hack I used on this dress?

Saw this dress first on another blogger on Instagram and I knew I needed it. love the southwest elements the embroidery the shape. It's such an easy piece that's semi-formal so it would totally work for weekend brunch a vacay or even to a desert-themed wedding. I'm wearing it here in a size 18 it has no stretch and I believe it's currently on sale at Asos.

FIX AN ILL FITTING DRESS - embroidered button through mini tea dress
FIX A DRESS - embroidered button through mini tea dress GREEN WRAP SANDAL
embroidered button through mini tea dress

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  1. August 2, 2019 / 11:52 pm

    All these are great hacks. Couldn’t guess what you did because this dress is perfect on YOU!

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